10 “Get Unstuck” Strategies To Increase Your Productivity


So you’re stuck. No mojo.  No juice.  You know what you need to do but it’s three days later and you’re still moving the papers on your desk from one side to the other.

Your business is suffering because you keep avoiding billing the client even though the job was delivered.  Cash flow is a problem.  Your personal relationships are suffering. Your self-esteem is taking a hit.  You KNOW procrastination has you. Now what?

Sometimes we are simply unable to get started or we’re feeling out of sorts. Did you know that research has found the #1 cause for business failing is procrastination.  Add overwhelm, lack of clarity and focus, disorganization, inability to start let alone finish what you started and you can be pretty much be certain your personal and professional life will be jeopardized.

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Welcome to world of stress!

I know this first hand and found ways to get clarity, be focused, respect my setbacks, apologize for being a jerk love ones’ and make more money.

Action relieves inertial
Dr. Jayme Canton,
World’s Leading Authority On Extreme Future,
Institute of Global Futures,

Jayme said this to me when I hit the wall on a project I was developing . So true!  You too, can move from victim to hero by stepping into action.

Ten “Get Unstuck” Ways to Increase Your Productivity

1. Accept Full Responsibility
Your power to create something in your life is equal to the amount of responsibility you’re willing to accept for things in your life.  This is such a tremendous quote from my mentor, David Neagle. No blame to you or anyone.  However, start to look at what you’re doing that consistently gets in your way.  With the help of a coach, you can set up a new system that works for you.

2. Check Your Attitude
First place is to check your attitude.  Check your mood. Mood affects your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional state. How are you feeling?  Rushed? Overwhelmed? Energized? Whatever it is say it out loud.  Embrace it. This allows your unique brain-wiring to refocus.

3. Perfection Paralyzes – Let Go Of Your Pride
You know what you know.  You know what you don’t know.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  Ask for help.

4. Turn On Some Music – Get Up and Move
In the procrastination loop? Mind wandering? Still stuck in perfection? Music opens a part of the brain to new ideas and creativity.  Shake your bad-self! It’s called a change state. I remember my sweet dog Gracie dancing with me. I especially liked it when she would lead. Here’s one of my songs I recommend to my clients to help them move into action Turn It Over!

5. Change the environment
Get out of the house, your place of business, or whatever else is pressing in on you. Whenever you change what you see and it impacts who you are.  It’s not unusually for me to get in my car, listen to a stimulating lecture or great music and drive. Bring home some flowers and put them in your office.  Be creative.  Have fun.

6. Fall In Love With Your Calendar
Block out your day using a calendar in 30 minute intervals.  Determine what you need and want to get done using my Get Into Action – 60/30/30 Answer System. Having your day set up with specific appointments is the absolute best way stay productive.

7. Surround yourself with CAN DO people.

Find people who won’t buy into your story why you CAN’T get something done. Find people who have like-minded goals. They may be coaches, friends, a neighbor, business associates or others. Can do people remind you how capable you are just as you would for them. 

8. Call in your Network of Support
A network of support is usually  come from a larger group such as people you’ve attended a workshop with, a Meet Up group, BNI, members of your church and maybe teammates. An effective and productive network is there to help you reach your goals Stay clear of those who criticize, judge, bitch and moan all under the guise of giving you good advice.

9. Don’t give up on yourself 
We all need help from time to time. This is normal and necessary. Increasing productivity is a skill.  With practice you can learn and master this new skill.  Practice.

10. Stay Connected
You simply cannot do it alone.  Give up the Lone Ranger mentality.


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