We are dedicated to helping you to use your Natural Gifts to your competitive advantage!

People with ADD and ADHD and Entrepreneurs have unique abilities and imagination. These are the out-of-the-box thinkers, the non-conformists; those people who choose to take the road less traveled. But they often work ineffectively because they do not know how to channel or, in many cases, even access their talents – in a world structured by people without ADD.

Our organization is designed to explore each of your strengths, accentuate them, and develop systems that facilitate daily utilization of these positive attributes. With proper diagnosis and the aid of an expertly trained ADHD coach, you can learn to work through symptoms and take full advantage of your unique gifts.

85% of the people living with the signs, symptoms and behaviors of ADD ADHD have not been diagnosed. Could you be one of them?

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and lovers of diverse and unique approaches to life exhibit aspects of ADD ADHD but they don’t necessarily have ADD ADHD.

ADDing Perspective – Working ThroughADD Coaching Group is a knowledge-based personal and business growth organization dedicated to the mission of serving individuals, families, entrepreneurs, executives, small businesses and corporations. Our purpose is to assist these people to identify and leverage their unique talents and strengths in order to realize their vision while living with the signs, symptoms and behaviors of ADD ADHD.

We focus on your STRENGTHSWe want you to fully develop your natural self and make life choices aligned with your passions and ultimate goals. We do so by building your strengths. We understand that the person who lives with ADD ADHD is forced to go through stages: from discovery, through grieving, through education — to a life so much bigger than the ADD ADHD stigma, and arrive much richer because of it.

Leverage Your Assets, not Your Liabilities!

The ADD Coaching Group believes that the only thing wrong with ADD ADHD is not knowing; not being aware you have it. This fact/phenomenon hides the internal talents already stored away and forgotten. There is nothing wrong! If anything, the world was designed by people who don’t have ADD ADHD.Once Attention Deficit Disorder is diagnosed properly, specific protocols are put in place, exercise and most importantly with the help of an expert ADD ADHD coach and support groups, people with ADD ADHD can not only succeed but we believe have a tremendous advantage.We call it…Benefit with ADD!

Dirk C.

“Sometimes the easiest things in life are the hardest to understand especially with ADD ADHD. When I started with Frank, I was in my 40’s.

I struggled in business over and over.  Frank help me realized my love for film and storytelling. Overtime I took the leap with “no net. Through my work with Frank, I discovered who I always wanted to be . . .me!

We Use Music and the Creative Arts to inspire, motivate and heal.Our clients are our most important focus. Still not everyone learns in the same way. We believe in the power of music and the creative arts to improve the quality of our client’s lives.

You can Benefit with ADD!Think for a moment… In a world designed by right-handed people, a left handed baseball pitcher is a real plus to a team. Why? His huge advantage as a left-hander is pitching to all those right handed players. Similarly, in a world designed by people without ADD ADHD, once discovered, managed and coached, our talents and strengths can be huge advantages which set us apart.

At the ADD Coaching Group, we recognize growth happens by first acknowledging the challenges involved, and then accommodating them. Many people with this condition find themselves focusing solely on the challenges, without realizing their unique gifts.

We are committed to working with people who are challenged with these setbacks and in particular entrepreneurs and professionals to identify their passions and provide them purpose for perpetual progress.

Bob Kopp

“When I started coaching with Frank, he suggested we would work to generate the total cost of his private one-on-one coaching program in 3 months. With Frank’s coaching, I was able to generate 3 times the investment of the program in just 4 weeks.” 

We strive to teach individuals with ADD ADHD or other setbacks, the schools and/or organizations and corporations in which they work, to realize the incredible assets and untapped potential a person possesses.