ADD and Small Business Ownership

ADD and Small Business OwnershipPeople who have ADD may be exceptionally suited to owning a small business. They think quickly, rise to meet challenges, and are remarkable salespeople. They know what it takes to sell their products, and because most people who have ADD thrive on change and opportunity, they’re tireless in their pursuit to please the customer.

Most small businesses fail within the first five years. This is true whether you have ADD or not. It’s imperative, especially if you have ADD, to focus and overcome the challenges faced by new small businesses.

Losing Sight of the Issues

People living with ADD are usually vigilant when it comes to providing superior services. Its actually been a strength of mine. However, one pitfall that you may experience if you have ADD is losing sight of how to manage your business effectively. After all, organization and looking at facts and numbers are usually not a hallmark trait of someone who has ADD. In fact, it’s usually their weak point. This is something I’ve had to deal with all my life. Relying on others who are experts in their field has saved my proverbial butt on many occasions. As I like to say, when you are able to know your limitations, you become limitless.

How can you overcome this challenge?

You can either train yourself to treat managing your business as every bit as important as the goods and services you provide or find someone to manage your business for you. There are a wide variety of ways to outsource, and you should take a serious look at some of them. While managing your business may not be your strong point, for many other people, it is. You can reap the benefits of using their skills, while at the same time taking advantage of the skills you excel in.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Keeping an eye on your competition is crucial to success, and is also an area that someone who has ADD can make the mistake of ignoring. Do some research, and set aside a regular time to research your competition. You’ll find that the time spent will pay off in the long run.

Take it from me, owning your own small business can be a rewarding experience. I’ve suffered from ADD for many years, but finding your own niche, focusing on your own strengths and planning ahead are the recipes to success, whether you have ADD or not.

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By Frank Coppola

My name is Frank Coppola MA, ODC, ACG and I have a passion for personal and professional coaching, with a specialization in people with ADD. I find it gratifying working with adults - parents, entrepreneurs, couples and educators - with and without ADD. I believe firmly that the only thing wrong with ADD is not knowing you have it! Once properly diagnosed and properly coached, people with ADD have unique advantages waiting to be appreciated by themselves and others.

I am an ADD Benefit’s Coach & Trainer. In a world designed by people with invisible challenges like ADD, we can sometimes feel misplaced. I love helping others understand and appreciate how their “unique brain wiring” can actually be their strongest friend and ally. We work together to uncover your talents and maximize your strengths so you can take full advantage and benefit from your ADD.