ADD and the Economic Crisis – How to Deal With the Pressure If You Have ADD

ADD and the Economic Crisis - How to Deal With the Pressure If You Have ADD, Frank Coppola, New YorkThe world is in turmoil financially. Anyone who has watched the evening news or picked up the paper in the last few weeks is aware of this fact, and it affects all of us emotionally. For someone who has ADD, the mental stress can be nearly overwhelming. Fear and anxiety can have a detrimental effect on someone who has ADD, and learning to cope in today’s financial reality is a priority.

Most of us, but especially those who have ADD, generally take something from their environment. For example, if a person who has ADD is surrounded by good news, happy people, smiles, and laughter, their mood will generally reflect that fact. The same is true if they’re surrounded by dire financial forecasts, doom, gloom, anxiety, and fear. It’s a self-perpetuating circle if you allow it to continue unchecked. The more scared you become, the more anxiety builds, until you can barely function. The harder you try to get out of these feelings, the more the feelings persist.

This can lead to a loss of sleep and a loss of focus, which can affect everything from our social lives to our financial well being. If you’re feeling the financial pinch, there are a few things you can do about it. Lessening the anxiety involved is the first step in battling your ADD fueled fears.

How to Deal Effectively With the Fear of a Financial Crisis

The first step is lessening your exposure to the media. If the financial crisis is causing you to lose sleep, cut back on the time you normally spend watching the news or reading the gloomy reports in the newspaper. This can also include not talking to people who are constantly discussing the financial crisis, which ultimately leads to their views being projected onto you.

Brooding on a problem gets us nowhere. Taking action by talking to people who care about you can lessen the mental strain. Instead of panicking, express your feelings to the appropriate people. For instance, your wife, husband, financial adviser or accountant can help relieve the burden. They can also help you understand the problem, and provide you with solutions.

If you have ADD, as I do, staying as stress-free as possible is important, both mentally and financially. Understand that in times of stress, your brain chemistry is out of balance and as such it is important to be aware and actively take steps to reduce stress. Do your best not to brood excessively on the situation. Sometimes that’s tough to do, but in the long run, it is essential for your well-being.

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