An Incredible Time to Have ADD – The Decade of Distraction

An Incredible Time to Have ADD – The Decade of Distraction

An Incredible Time to Have ADD - The Decade of DistractionWe are living in the “Decade of Distraction.” For people living with ADD/ADHD, this is an opportunity to use ADD/ADHD to its fullest advantage. Information is heaped upon us in massive amounts from multiple sources. Technology changes at a rapid pace. 10 years ago, the internet was primarily a governmental and educational resource. Today, it is a global phenomenon. We see it in business. We can send a request for medical data to India sitting in the doctor’s office and receive an evaluation within hours. Wish to develop a website? A friend is working with a website developer in Brazil!

Throughout this as people who lean toward creativity and stimulation, learning in our own special way becomes meaningful. I’ve just begun learning how to build websites using Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks with an incredible web designer/developer and instructor, Richard Wood. Why? I wish to be connected in a way that developing and understanding websites from the inside out is essential to me.

For me and many others with ADD/ADHD, we have the ability to assimilate all this information easier than others, I believe, because of our attraction to stimulation. For many people living with ADD/ADHD, multitasking can be seamless. In these situations, can you see how YOUR ADD/ADHD can be an advantage? It has been noted that in the next 15 years, to succeed, one needs to be able to think like a person living with ADD/ADHD.

Where we may thrive in multiple areas of interests and stimulation, people without ADD/ADHD can experience frustration and confusion. They may experience a cacophony of noise. This is a perfect example of how you might take advantage of ADD/ADHD and WIN with ADD/ADHD.

So I leave you with this thought and challenge. Take note of what makes you different and unique. These differences may be your greatest attribute as the Decade of Distraction is upon us.

Learn to appreciate your specific brain wiring. ADD/ADHD can be a gift that requires development of a new skill set that will enhance your abilities. This is worth paying attention to!

I’m a firm believer, the more awareness we all have about ADD/ADHD the more we grow. You are better today by knowing you have ADD/ADHD. As you read my articles I hope you walk away with a new perspective on Adult ADD/ADHD and perhaps a new perspective on yourself.

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