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My name is Frank Coppola MA, ODC, ACG and I have a passion for personal and professional coaching, with a specialization in people with ADD. I find it gratifying working with adults - parents, entrepreneurs, couples and educators - with and without ADD. I believe firmly that the only thing wrong with ADD is not knowing you have it! Once properly diagnosed and properly coached, people with ADD have unique advantages waiting to be appreciated by themselves and others. I am an ADD Benefit’s Coach & Trainer. In a world designed by people with invisible challenges like ADD, we can sometimes feel misplaced. I love helping others understand and appreciate how their “unique brain wiring” can actually be their strongest friend and ally. We work together to uncover your talents and maximize your strengths so you can take full advantage and benefit from your ADD.

The Wheel of Renewal – Your Unique Journey to Passion and Success

The Wheel of Renewal - Your Unique Journey to Passion and SuccessI often use the analogy of archeology at times while coaching. I’ve created The Wheel of Renewal, which emphasizes the idea of archeology. Imagine you’re in your own Indiana Jones movie called Indiana Jones and The Wheel of Renewal – Journey to Passion. Though the wheel is naturally a circle, the journey is not like “clock work” but rather a flexible process. We start where we are. We may find ourselves at various times at different parts of our lives; reflecting […]

What Is Coaching And Why Is It So Important?

What Is Coaching And Why Is It So Important?There has been a great deal of talk about coaching. Not only that but we hear about so many kinds of coaches – business coach, life coach (such a funny term for me), even an ADD coach, sports coach and so many more. There are cooking coaches, greening coaches, finance coaches, and many, many more. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a James Bond coach. James Bond wannabe, “My name is Bond, James Bond. I live at Kinsingdale Square.” Cut! James Bond Coach, […]

Isolation Sucks! Are You Feeling Non-Productive?

Isolation Sucks! Are You Feeling Non-Productive? Isolation is but one of the common challenges for people living with ADD/ADHD. This challenge can be set off by any number of situations that may happen in the course of our lives.

Have you ever found yourself feeling so completely set apart and isolated you get stuck? This feeling usually takes on the form of low energy, a lack of enthusiasm and crankiness, which in time expands and becomes negative self-talk.

Isolation is so subtle to me. We are working diligently-so much so that we must be […]

How to Manage Your Time – No Matter What!

How to Manage Your Time - No Matter What!The Universal Law of Time

Time is one of the key concerns for us especially in this Decade of Distraction. In fact, the two most important concerns for all people are freedom and time.

I like to keep things simple. Here is something to ponder – The Universal Law of Time. If you think about this and use it, you cannot help but be on time. It does entail reflection before implementation which leads to action and with practice being on time. Time is not […]

The Universal Law of Expansion For ADD Success – Thoughts Have Power

The Universal Law of Expansion For ADD Success - Thoughts Have PowerI’ve isolated 12 Universal Laws for ADD Success. In this article, we are going to explore the Universal Law of Expansion.

If thoughts have power, why would anyone focus on what’s not working and what’s wrong? If you asked a friend what they think they need to have a happy relationship, make more money, overcome procrastination, they know most of the time what’s wrong and how to fix it; more effort, more time, more energy. Haven’t you had the experience of working on the […]