The Onset and Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention deficit disorder was formerly thought to be a disorder only affecting children. The symptoms of ADD generally begin to show at or prior to the age of seven. They begin as a lack of attention and increasing impulsiveness. Around 3% to 5% of children suffer from this neurological disorder and it is twice as common for boys to have this disorder as girls.

Up until the last decade or so, it was thought that only children suffered from attention deficit disorder. As more has become known about the disorder, it has become clear that many adults – as much as 5% – also suffer from ADD. While they may not have been diagnosed as children, chances are they have had ADD their entire lives.

Of those adults that were diagnosed with ADD as children approximately 10-40% continue to suffer from the disorder as adults. The reason it often seems as though people "grow out" of ADD is most likely that the adults that were diagnosed as children have learned coping mechanisms and skills that have helped them overcome many of their symptoms.

One of the biggest problems physicians face when diagnosing ADD is that the symptoms are often the same as symptoms caused be other disorders and diseases. Head trauma, mental disorders and other brain issues can all cause symptoms similar or identical to those of attention deficit disorder. It is only through a series of very specific testing that ADD can be correctly diagnosed.

A physician attempting to diagnose ADD in a child will conduct a thorough physical and neurological exam along with a set of psychological tests to measure social and emotional factors as well as IQ. The diagnosis process will most likely also include observation of the patient and interviews with parents, the patient and the patient’s teachers. Being that 75% of ADD cases are genetic, a family medical history can also be helpful in correctly diagnosing ADD.

Because adults are better able to communicate any issues they may be having, it can be easier to diagnose attention deficit disorder. The physician will start with a standard physical exam to rule out any physical issues that could be the cause of your symptoms. He or she will then ask you about the symptoms you have been experiencing and for how long you have noticed them. Standard ADD tests will also be administered which include symptom checklists and methods of testing attention-span. Your friends and/or family may be asked to be interviewed to discuss your symptoms and you will also be asked about problems the symptoms may have caused or are currently causing.

As researchers and doctors learn more about attention deficit disorder, it becomes easier and easier to correctly diagnose the disorder. This is important because the earlier ADD is diagnosed, the earlier coping mechanisms can be taught and symptom treatment can begin.


Do You Love What You Do?

I’ve been asked to feature this article again.  It appears finding out what you love to do is a concern for us all.  Here you go.

What Do You Love To Do?

What turns you on? What do you love to do? Why is this so important? For one thing, when you are immersed in what you love, life is easier. Isn’t it? When life is easier abundance seems to show up all around you.

People seem to confuse “what you love” and “passion”. You hear it all the time. I’ll know what I love to do when I find my passion. It’s actually the other way around. When you find something that feels so good and natural to you, get into action. Start exploring whatever it is. Learn about it. Talk to others. Get involved. Follow someone around who does the same thing. See if you like it. Jump in. You just might become passionate along the way.

OK. What’s possible when you find what you love to do? If you’re a person living with ADD ADHD, the symptom, signs and behaviors of ADD ADHD seem to disappear. This affects all areas of one’s life. Various social media monitoring studies by Salesforce show that 60% of people suffer from some sort of DSM listed medical disorder.

How about money?

The first rule of money is – Do what you love to do and the money will come. Frank Coppola’s rule of money is – Do what you love to do and the money will come IF you know what you love to do! If in any way you are somewhat stuck about what you love to do, here’s a simple exercise to try:

1. Take a moment to clear your mind.

2. Breathe five deep breaths. Five seconds in. Five seconds out.

3. Remember a time or times when you were feeling unstoppable. You felt solid. This could have been some success in sports, graduation, or connecting stamps. Maybe the register person at the supermarket gave you too much money and you returned it. Maybe you made someone laugh. These are your moments and memories.

4. Feel how that feels.

5. There is usually a connection between these moments and what you love to do.

6. Work with people who are supportive and interested in helping you find what you love: Avoid people who use any words like, you should, you could, why don’t you.

I make money doing what I love to do. For me it’s about connection and relationship with others. It’s what I do. It’s what I am.

What could it be for you?

As a Focus Management expert, I’ve learned with the help of my coaches and mentor’s how to stay on task while I am juggling four activities. Sounds strange and it works. This can be done once you discover what makes you smile and fills your heart with fire.

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Be Competitive Procrastination

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