How to Overcome Procrastination – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

How to Overcome Procrastination - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!Procrastination, unfortunately, seems to be connected to laziness, lack of desire or just plain – “there’s always tomorrow.” I have a strong suspicion procrastination is also connected to fear, uncertainty, hopelessness, and feeling alone. At these times, deciding what to do can seem like a huge mountain to climb. You can overcome procrastination by taking some steps to learn the essentials of decision making.

One of my clients can’t make decisions. I didn’t say won’t. I said can’t. Our unique brains when under pressure produce […]

The Medical Implications of A.D.D. (AUDIO)

The ADDing Perspective Teleconference Series has gathered experts in numerous fields with the intent to explore understand and work through issues that may be holding us back in someway. We will also look at what holds our interests, what turns us on and how we can grow through exploration and education. So whether we investigate solutions for overcoming our setbacks or whether we explore the impact of creativity in our lives, our goals are always the same.

In this episode:

The following is an excerpt from The Medical Implications of ADD
An Interview of Dr. Steven Lamm by Frank Coppola

Three Easy Steps to Develop a New Habit

One of the biggest challenges we all share especially people living with ADD ADHD is consistency.  Many times it’s hard to stay structured – stay on a diet, being on time, exercising and such. Can you relate?

One way to keep structured is to develop a new habit – one to replace the old one.  We read that it takes 21 days to change a habit or develop a new one.  I wanted to share the steps to create a new habit and vice versa.

Whatever the habit – good or bad, understanding the steps can only help you to reach your […]


How come I keep forgetting?  What do I do about this?  I’ve been researching this because I can be a master at forgetting. I’ve learned if you are struggling it’s because you don’t understand something. 

I used to get very upset but I had to accept that forgetting happens to me.  I have a saying to keep me humble and peaceful:

I love my ADD.  It keeps reminding me how much I forget

Human beings forget because they do not concentrate their mind on their purpose, especially at the moment they conceive it. We remember only that which makes a deep impression. […]

Kick Procrastination in the Butt – Focus on Your Strengths

Last week, we spoke of procrastination and ways to get into action rather than delay, delay, delay.   

Procrastination can be deadly to your self-esteem, bank account, personal relationships and health.  So why must you put up with this?  What keeps getting in the way?  Why must you lack clarity when you know what needs to be done?  Well maybe what you’re attempting to do is not in your “sweet spot.” One way to kick procrastination in the butt is to focus on your strengths.

For people living with ADD ADHD, our brains have a difficulty prioritizing, making decisions, and setting direction to […]