Five Ways to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is a huge problem for many people today – especially in America. And perhaps one of the biggest contributors to the issue is that we as a society don’t take it very seriously. We either think people or lazy or we’re just all too busy to get everything done. The truth is, nearly a quarter of Americans are wasting many hours in their days due to the terrible cycle of procrastination. In this article, you will find five ways to attempt to overcome the cycle and start really being productive and successful by using your time to its fullest.

In […]


I am so lucky. I love when clients bring new thinking and a willingness to share.

Ken Kitchings came up with the concept of the MENTAL PUSHUP to help focus him, move him into action and get things done.  I LOVE THIS CONCEPT.  We decided to write about it.  Here goes.

What is a MENTAL PUSHUP? It’s a physical exercise; an exercise of the brain to get back to the moment; “focal center” of what we decided to do. 

How do you do a MENTAL PUSHUP?

When you have a task that you want to complete such as make a phone call or pay […]

Medication Alone will not Crack YOUR ADD ADHD Code

Man walks into a Doctor's office,
"Doctor, doctor! It hurts when I put my arm up like this.

Doctor responds,
"Well, don't pick up your arm?"

Do you ever feel that doctors just don't get it! I think at some point we all have had that feeling of being misunderstood or misconstrued. I want to talk to you about something I call Crack YOUR ADD ADHD Code.

Medication alone will not crack the ADD ADHD code

You can learn to Crack YOUR ADD ADHD Code®.  The goal is to unlock your greatness and possibility

To do so a new set of skills […]

Eight Predominant Challenges for People Living with ADD/ADHD

In my years of working with people living with ADD/ADHD, themes appear; specific areas that people are concerned with; areas that either people are have difficulty navigating or issues where this group may find themselves stuck. I am not saying that these are the only areas by no means nor am I saying all people with ADD/ADHD "suffer" from ALL of these eight challenges but certainly one or more are overwhelming and depleting.  When this happens the quality of life is diminished severely. There are other areas such as the health, […]

Working Through – Moving from Dependency to Independence

I am personally bothered by the notion that in order to succeed as a person living with ADD ADHD one must learn to manage their ADD ADHD.  I find this approach in conflict with our basic need to be independent and whole.  There is a difference between managing one’s […]