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Discover Your ADD-ADHD Competitive Advantages

So many of my new clients say they are completely puzzled about how ADD/ADHD can be an advantage. After struggling with issues such as lack of focus, distraction, procrastination, time management, and many others, it feels like science fiction to them. But it can be true for every person living with ADD/ADHD, and I’m going to show you how based upon the principles I’ve developed in Say Yes to ADD/ADHD! – 10 Ways to Benefit with ADD/ADHD. The first principle, Acceptance, is a good place to begin.

Accept that you were born with ADD/ADHD just as you were born […]

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The Trip to St. Louis – On The More Life Tour

I decided to skip the plane and hit the road for my trip out to St. Louis this week. The goal is to leave on Friday and arrive in St. Louis by late afternoon on Saturday in time to refresh, enjoy dinner and get an early start on Sunday. I'll be keeping a travelogue on Facebook and my blog,, so stay tuned!