Finding the Right Job – 10 Traps That Can Be Found in the Workplace

Attention Deficit Disorder can present many challenges in the workplace. In fact, work may be the place where adults suffering from ADD are most affected. Because ADD symptoms include lack of focus, tendency to procrastinate and problems with organization, people with ADD often find it hard to find and keep a job.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive list of ADD-friendly jobs. There is not a profile that fits everyone who has been diagnosed with ADD. In fact, adults with ADD are successful in jobs ranging from teachers and attorneys to artists and pilots. […]

7 Major Concerns For People Living With ADD – ADHD

7 Major Concerns For People Living With ADD - ADHD, Frank Coppola, new yorkI have a saying, “The More You Know The More You Grow.” I believe that a person living with ADD’s major issue is not knowing they have ADD. When they are properly diagnosed, there is a tremendous sense of relief – one that produces alternate moods of joy and upset. At this point we need more than just good information; we need a “re-education.”  We literally need to learn how to live in a non-ADD friendly world knowing we […]

The Wheel of Renewal – Your Unique Journey to Passion and Success

The Wheel of Renewal - Your Unique Journey to Passion and SuccessI often use the analogy of archeology at times while coaching. I’ve created The Wheel of Renewal, which emphasizes the idea of archeology. Imagine you’re in your own Indiana Jones movie called Indiana Jones and The Wheel of Renewal – Journey to Passion. Though the wheel is naturally a circle, the journey is not like “clock work” but rather a flexible process. We start where we are. We may find ourselves at various times at different parts of our lives; reflecting […]

What Is Coaching And Why Is It So Important?

What Is Coaching And Why Is It So Important?There has been a great deal of talk about coaching. Not only that but we hear about so many kinds of coaches – business coach, life coach (such a funny term for me), even an ADD coach, sports coach and so many more. There are cooking coaches, greening coaches, finance coaches, and many, many more. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a James Bond coach. James Bond wannabe, “My name is Bond, James Bond. I live at Kinsingdale Square.” Cut! James Bond Coach, […]

Quieting The Little Voice

I’ve been asked several times by subscribers and my fantastic clients how to quiet the little voice – you know, the negative self-talk that will have you stay small. I wanted to send this along this updated version as an inspiration for you to succeed in 2012. 

Here goes.

You’re moving along.  Everything is humming.  Suddenly out of nowhere you stop.  You’re hearing those limiting voices telling you this is a waste of time.  Now you’re more concerned about what is not working in your life?  You’re a guy in a diner spending time complaining about this and that?  The complaining is […]