Discover Your ADD-ADHD Competitive Advantages

So many of my new clients say they are completely puzzled about how ADD/ADHD can be an advantage. After struggling with issues such as lack of focus, distraction, procrastination, time management, and many others, it feels like science fiction to them. But it can be true for every person living with ADD/ADHD, and I’m going to show you how based upon the principles I’ve developed in Say Yes to ADD/ADHD! – 10 Ways to Benefit with ADD/ADHD. The first principle, Acceptance, is a good place to begin.

Accept that you were born with ADD/ADHD just as you were born […]

5 Easy Steps That Can Increase Your Focus and Attention

Do you even wonder why you can’t pay attention?

Many of my clients with or without ADD/ADHD are troubled with this. They keep asking, "So how do I pay attention?"

I think a better question is WHY can’t I pay attention?

ADD is situational. Looking back, daydreaming was probably a lot more interesting than driving but I wasn’t even aware. That particular situation had me bored.

You didn’t set out to NOT pay attention.

Most likely not paying attention was due to the situation.


The ADD Coaching Group Serves the ADD/ADHD World Community

We offer our services to individuals as well as companies to assist their employees in achieving optimal productivity, increased growth and personal satisfaction.

We serve families who have a member that may be affected with ADD. Research has found, in most cases, ADD is hereditary. As such, one or both parents may have ADD. Instead of being educated to use their real strengths, all to often people with ADD have been marginalized by schools, shunned or under-utilized by employers, misunderstood in relationships and left with low self-esteem. We strive to teach individuals with ADD and the schools and/or organizations […]

FREE 15-Minute ADD Business Mindset Makeover – Hurry, Space is Limited

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s your natural birthright to live a happy, prosperous and abundant life? If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to complete on a daily basis or frustrated you keep missing appointments or you just can’t seem to finish what you started. If you could only keep focused, stop procrastinating and get organized, you know your business would soar.