Isolation Sucks! Are You Feeling Non-Productive?

Isolation Sucks! Are You Feeling Non-Productive? Isolation is but one of the common challenges for people living with ADD/ADHD. This challenge can be set off by any number of situations that may happen in the course of our lives.

Have you ever found yourself feeling so completely set apart and isolated you get stuck? This feeling usually takes on the form of low energy, a lack of enthusiasm and crankiness, which in time expands and becomes negative self-talk.

Isolation is so subtle to me. We are working diligently-so much so that we must be […]

The Universal Law of Expansion For ADD Success – Thoughts Have Power

The Universal Law of Expansion For ADD Success - Thoughts Have PowerI’ve isolated¬†12 Universal Laws for ADD Success.¬†In this article, we are going to explore the Universal Law of Expansion.

If thoughts have power, why would anyone focus on what’s not working and what’s wrong? If you asked a friend what they think they need to have a happy relationship, make more money, overcome procrastination, they know most of the time what’s wrong and how to fix it; more effort, more time, more energy. Haven’t you had the experience of working on the […]

How to Boost Your Focus and Concentration to Reach Your Goals

Focus and concentration are consistent issues for me.  I wonder if this is something you have difficulty with as well.  So please allow me to explore this further and give you additional recommendations.

In last week’s article The Power to Concentration I wrote about memory and focus and concentration.  I’ve done a great deal of study on these subjects because frankly these have been issues for me in the past.  I did talk about the Law of Association. Amongst my study I came across a great book on the subject from an expert in the field Theron Q. Dumont in his […]


How come I keep forgetting?  What do I do about this?  I’ve been researching this because I can be a master at forgetting. I’ve learned if you are struggling it’s because you don’t understand something. 

I used to get very upset but I had to accept that forgetting happens to me.  I have a saying to keep me humble and peaceful:

I love my ADD.  It keeps reminding me how much I forget

Human beings forget because they do not concentrate their mind on their purpose, especially at the moment they conceive it. We remember only that which makes a deep impression. […]


I am so lucky. I love when clients bring new thinking and a willingness to share.

Ken Kitchings came up with the concept of the MENTAL PUSHUP to help focus him, move him into action and get things done.  I LOVE THIS CONCEPT.  We decided to write about it.  Here goes.

What is a MENTAL PUSHUP? It’s a physical exercise; an exercise of the brain to get back to the moment; “focal center” of what we decided to do. 

How do you do a MENTAL PUSHUP?

When you have a task that you want to complete such as make a phone call or pay […]