Which Business Person Are You? Working At Your Best To Create Financial Well-Being

Which Business Person Are You? Working At Your Best To Create Financial Well-Being, Frank CoppolaWorker

  • Do you work best following the vision and direction of others? Are you comfortable knowing that at the end of the week you will be paid for the work you’ve accomplished?
  • Limited income.

Ambitious Worker

  • Do you wish to work within the system to succeed? Promotions, bonuses, etc. Again, avoiding the risk of other ways of creating money?
  • Limited income.


  • You may […]

Focus Off? Learn How to Sustain Focus with This Simple Exercise

Focus Off, Frank Coppola, new yorkWe human beings have a difficult time focusing. Our inability to focus has us unable to pay attention which affects our productivity and effectiveness. So you can see how this could be a dilemma in all areas of our lives whether at work, home and/or relationship. Lack of focus can cause stress which as we know will affect our health over time. The cost for lack of focus can be enormous. We can see the importance. How can we stay focused. Let’s take a look first at […]

One World One Love One People One Peace – Series Event

The following is Frank Coppola’s interview by Terry Earthwind Nichols

“Make Peace with PROCRASTINATION – It’s Easier Than You Think”

There is a song that Frank wrote, “One World One Love.” It had a world premiere.

Click here for the interview and the song!

10 “Get Unstuck” Strategies To Increase Your Productivity

So you’re stuck. No mojo.  No juice.  You know what you need to do but it’s three days later and you’re still moving the papers on your desk from one side to the other.

Your business is suffering because you keep avoiding billing the client even though the job was delivered.  Cash flow is a problem.  Your personal relationships are suffering. Your self-esteem is taking a hit.  You KNOW procrastination has you. Now what? 
Sometimes we are simply unable to get started or we’re feeling out of sorts. Did you know that research has found the #1 cause for business […]

Get Clarity – How to Move from Overwhelm to Overcome

There I was sitting in my living room wondering where to begin.  We had purchased a couch two weeks ago and delivery was in two days.  I thought it would be a good idea to really clean up.  I had done this about 4 years ago and now seemed like the perfect time again.

Fortunately, a friend of the family who has an eye of organizing had been helping me.  So here I was with boxes everywhere; boxes to go to storage and others still yet to be broken down into categories.

Now I was in complete overwhelm stuck wondering what to […]