Eight Predominant Challenges for People Living with ADD/ADHD

In my years of working with people living with ADD/ADHD, themes appear; specific areas that people are concerned with; areas that either people are have difficulty navigating or issues where this group may find themselves stuck. I am not saying that these are the only areas by no means nor am I saying all people with ADD/ADHD "suffer" from ALL of these eight challenges but certainly one or more are overwhelming and depleting.  When this happens the quality of life is diminished severely. There are other areas such as the health, […]

Distraction or Creativity Bursting at the Seams?

Maybe, just maybe, what you’ve been calling distraction is really creativity bursting at the seams.  Now don’t get me wrong.  There are many, many times when I’ve started something and found myself drifting into something completely different that seemed very interesting to me. One of my coaches, Suzanne Evans, calls it the "Bright Shiny Object Syndrome." I know that one!

At the same time, there are specific moments when you will be distracted and the moments are pure creativity.  For now, we are in the world of education so see if what I’m suggesting fits for you.


Do You Love What You Do?

I’ve been asked to feature this article again.  It appears finding out what you love to do is a concern for us all.  Here you go.


What Do You Love To Do?

What turns you on? What do you love to do? Why is this so important? For one thing, when you are immersed in what you love, life is easier. Isn’t it? When life is easier abundance seems to show up all around you.

People seem to confuse “what you love” and “passion”. You hear it all the time. I’ll know what I love […]

April Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I hope all is well as we head into the new season. I’m in Hillsboro, NM working on completing my book overlooking the rolling hills and the mountain ranges. The scenery is stunning and quiet. Unfortunately there is no phone or cell service here right now. I need to drive 40 miles to get quality cell reception but I am available by email.I’m sitting in a beautiful modern designed home built by my former business partner Rod McCall

An architect by training who feel in love with animation and film, we made TV commercials at McCall/Coppola@Filmfair for 8 years. […]