Procrastination Teleclass

Power through Procrastination – Reach Your 2012 Goals

I am really excited about this past Tuesday. We had the telecall for Power through Procrastination – Reach Your 2012 Goals.  It was a hit with lots of valuable content for your use now and in the future.  I made it a point in the holiday spirit to send everyone the recording of the evening.  I hope you enjoy it. Pardon the quality of the recording.  The upcoming teleseries’s recordings will be much better.

One of the questions asked on the call which I think is well-worth sharing with you was:

What would your life be like if you didn’t have to worry about procrastination?

I urge you to think about this as we move into 2012.  It’s a great time to see what you want to accomplish as well as review the past year.  We’re finding out procrastination seeps into every area of our lives.  The inability to start or complete what you want can lead to incompletions.  Incompletions lead to lots and lots of problems with self-esteem.  So if you’re not feeling yourself and your anxious or worried, the first place to look where didn’t I keep my promises?  Taking care to clean up your promises will help tremendously with increasing your self-esteem. Cleaning them up also addresses areas of your life where you have difficulty with procrastination.

Here’s something to consider.  Do you know the difference between an activity and productivity?  The difference is in the result.  An activity is moving forward, getting into action just to get things completed.  There is little planning.  It’s action for action sake. 

Productivity is directed towards specific goals.  Productivity takes planning and one-foot in front of the other, consistent action to reach ones’ personal and professional goals. 

It is also critical in overcoming procrastination. 

These are literally the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  There is so, so, so much valuable material in the recording that I truly hope you get a chance to listen.

In more of an opportunity is the upcoming Teleseries on reaching your goals in 2012. I invite all of you to sign up for the teleseries Power through Procrastination – Reach Your 2012 Goals starting Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 8 PM;

We will really dig into Your Procrastination Story to help you reach your goals and to break the back of procrastination.  This is a results-oriented, solution-driven 4 week program.  We’ll work on an issue over the course of the teleseries. 

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Be Competitive Teleclass

FREE Teleclass Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm going to come right to the point. I am so excited to pass this along.

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First of all, The More Life Tour in St. Louis was a huge success. David and Suzanne were, as usual, inspiring.  The entire More Life Tour support team was excellent.  They truly took care of me as well as the other speakers Lynne Jacob:; Linda Hough: and Blue Melnick:

I had the privilege to speak to a group of about 70 people/entrepreneurs with and without ADD ADHD. I made a point to show how people with ADD ADHD have similar traits to entrepreneurs, the people in business and/or people who want to be in business but have no roadmap. 

On this particular day I'm pleased to say I was their GPS, where creativity and excellence were highlighted.

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The response to the presentation was overwhelming.  So much so that I've had people who heard the talk contact me.  They feel that what they learned was so powerful and life-changing that they urged me to share this with you.

One of the main principles I spoke about was how to take the very challenges we all haveand turn them into a positive force. Success and prosperity starts in this very place AND if you don't know what you're looking for, you just might miss the opportunity right in front of you. 

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