Discover Your ADD-ADHD Competitive Advantages


So many of my new clients say they are completely puzzled about how ADD/ADHD can be an advantage. After struggling with issues such as lack of focus, distraction, procrastination, time management, and many others, it feels like science fiction to them. But it can be true for every person living with ADD/ADHD, and I’m going to show you how based upon the principles I’ve developed in Say Yes to ADD/ADHD! – 10 Ways to Benefit with ADD/ADHD. The first principle, Acceptance, is a good place to begin.

Accept that you were born with ADD/ADHD just as you were born with a different blood type than many other people. ADD/ADHD is an essential part of who you are: parts that can ADD/ADHD to the quality of your life. Perhaps your biggest obstacle until now has been not realizing you even had ADD/ADHD. Realizing it NOW can be your greatest opportunity. This is not a character flaw, nor are you broken or missing some integral piece that, once found, could miraculously "fix" you. Many times, emotional, social or cultural issues can be confused with the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Accept that your specific way of seeing the world is different from the viewpoint of others. You are unique. That’s the good news!

Living in the Age of Distraction

For those of you who thrive on an abundance of information, your ADD/ADHD can benefit you as well as those around you. We live in the multimedia "Age of Distraction." Information comes at us in incredible amounts and at incredible speed. Our ADD/ADHD brains strive not to be bored; we are always looking for what is interesting and stimulating. This is a perfect example of how you can use ADD/ADHD to your competitive advantage: instead of being distracted, you have an asset for processing information seamlessly!

Discover Your ADD/ADHD Competitive Advantages

  1. Make a list of situations that are easy or natural for you– so easy that they don’t seem very important. For me, I love problem solving. I problem solve in business, family, music writing, working with clients. I’ve been doing this all my life. It’s what I naturally gravitate towards. You’ll find your talent lies in what comes easiest.
  2. Record the details of the situation and how what comes easily impacts your activities and the quality of your life and the lives of those around you.
  3. Patterns of positive, inspiring moments that make you feel good about yourself and your accomplishments will start to come to the surface. You can learn to use and reshape these moments to your ADD/ADHD competitive advantage. That’s a promise from me to you.

Your ADD/ADHD issues may have haunted you all your days, but perhaps these issues are telling you something about how you think, move, and react to the world around you. Once you understand YOUR ADD/ADHD, you will come to realize its enormous advantages.

Consider your ADD/ADHD is showing you something that has confused you until now. Decide to become an expert of your ADD/ADHD experience. Learn to observe the world with a new set of glasses: ones with new lenses adjusted to your ADD/ADHD perspective.

When we are able to accept that we have ADD/ADHD, we put ourselves in a position to change and grow.


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