Eight Predominant Challenges for People Living with ADD/ADHD


In my years of working with people living with ADD/ADHD, themes appear; specific areas that people are concerned with; areas that either people are have difficulty navigating or issues where this group may find themselves stuck. I am not saying that these are the only areas by no means nor am I saying all people with ADD/ADHD "suffer" from ALL of these eight challenges but certainly one or more are overwhelming and depleting.  When this happens the quality of life is diminished severely. There are other areas such as the health, learning issues, frustration, pessimism and such.  However, I’ve found consistently these eight challenges or areas of concern keep rising to the top.   

Let’s take a look at these eight, break them down and discover in my opinion the underlying cause that may complicate our ability to prosper and to be successful. 

  1. Procrastination – can’t get started
  2. Organization – disorganized to the point that the ability to get organized is almost painful.
  3. Time Management – Always late for meetings, paying bills and generally have no sense of time.
  4. Money – mishandling of money and/or lack of regard.
  5. Relationship – Unable to maintain long term relationships.
  6. Career/Work – difficulty settling on career due to so many interests. Loss of jobs due to misunderstanding of responsibilities or lack of interest.
  7. Focus/concentration – inability to pay attention and to maintain attention over time.
  8. Trust – difficulty trusting as well as trusting oneself.

I know that I’ve been challenged in these areas of my life. Perhaps you have as well. It’s my opinion that people living with ADD/ADHD or people who are NOT living with ADD/ADHD have these same issues. There are bioneurological issues that make it more difficult to shift our mood for ADDers especially when we fall under the "spell" of one of these challenges. I’ve spoken and written about how mood can overcome us and what we specifically can do to unravel this phenomenon.

I’ve found that the underlying issue for all is a lack of self-esteem due to THESE VERY challenges over one’s entire life. We each have belief systems that we are wise to question.  These beliefs come in the form of stories we are aware of and ones we are not even aware of.

Ergo, the increase in self-esteem for this group of issues becomes for me the purpose and goal for being successful and prosperous.

There are systems and structures one can put in place.  We must learn how to shift our negative self-talk that is triggered by the “stories of our lives” which are the basis of our beliefs.

Our stories are our own. In other words, how these eight challenges affect us are unique to each of us. We must learn to develop the skills of discovery and observation as part of a strategy to our success.

With time and rigor you can overcome these eight dominant challenges, how they apply to you and you can succeed. 


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