Five Ways to Beat Procrastination


Procrastination is a huge problem for many people today – especially in America. And perhaps one of the biggest contributors to the issue is that we as a society don’t take it very seriously. We either think people or lazy or we’re just all too busy to get everything done. The truth is, nearly a quarter of Americans are wasting many hours in their days due to the terrible cycle of procrastination. In this article, you will find five ways to attempt to overcome the cycle and start really being productive and successful by using your time to its fullest.

In this article, you will also learn one of the six critical secrets to overcome procrastination that is essential for increased self-esteem, prosperity and success.

One: Recognize Your Challenge

The reason why Americans have more challenges with procrastination than people in other countries is somewhat connected to the fact that we accept each other’s excuses readily. Even if we think someone might be lying, if they say their grandmother had died or their car won’t start, we give them the benefit of the doubt,. This makes us enablers.

For this reason, procrastinators are often on their own when it comes to recognizing that they have a problem. In the third item in this list, it is pointed out that procrastinators are often masters at self-deceit. Recognize that what you tell yourself about certain behaviors isn’t true and you’ll make a big step toward solving your problem. Now’s the time to understand that excuses do not get the job done.

Two: Realize that it is not an issue of Time Management or Planning

“Telling someone who procrastinates to buy a weekly planner is like telling someone with chronic depression to just cheer up,” says Dr. Joseph Ferrari from De Paul University in Chicago. More to-do lists, an extra calendar and a million post-it notes will not help ease your procrastination. In fact, in many ways these sorts of things can just give you more ways to waste time and avoid doing what needs to be done and can throw you into overwhelm.

Three: You might not be aware that you are blind to the truth

If you can see that you are blind to what is actually happening about certain things (“I thrive on pressure,” “I’m more creative working at the end of a deadline,” etc.) then you can begin to correct this behavior. If you begin telling yourself a project is less important as the deadline approaches, call yourself out.

If it was an important project a week ago, chances are it is just as important today. And, guess what, you probably won’t feel more like doing it tomorrow either. In fact, you’ll probably feel less like doing it because you will have more added to your plate and be even more overwhelmed. Ah! The dreaded overwhelm. Don’t you hate that?

Four: Keep a Short To-Do List

And I mean short. As I mentioned in the second item on this list, massive to-do lists and planning tools can simply become more ways to procrastinate. Before you start your work for the day, write down the three most important things you must do. Then do them. This is, of course, oversimplifying things because there will always be distractions and other things that come up in the course of your day. However, a clear, short list of tasks will help you keep focused without being overwhelming. Plus it keeps you motivated to move to the next set of three.

Five: Get Professional Help

For many of us, the first four tactics in this article will suffice to pull us out of our procrastination cycle. However, some people either never learned how to get things done or have just be procrastinating for so long they won’t be able to stop the behavior on their own. In this case, an ADD/ADHD coach might be necessary to help implement the changes needed.

You can learn to overcome procrastination

by unraveling these hidden stories that hinder our growth

in all areas of our lives.

One of six critical secrets for overcoming procrastination.  I mentioned that one critical secret for overcoming procrastination. There are six but we haven’t time to go over all six here.

Procrastination is not something we consciously do to ourselves.  Rather procrastination is something that happens to us whenever we encounter some event that triggers our past and the hidden stories attached to past.

You can learn to overcome procrastination by unraveling these hidden stories that hinder our growth in all areas of our lives. Pretty interesting.  Right?

Procrastination is a huge problem that overwhelms our lives and our society. It is just as detrimental to your health, personal relationships and overall quality of life as depression or drug addiction. Treat it as the serious condition it is and ask for help if you need it.


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