How to Boost Your Concentration and Focus


How to Boost Your Concentration and FocusNot being able to focus on a task or concentrate for long periods of time is, unfortunately, one of the side-effects of having ADD or ADHD. People who have ADD or ADHD usually get bored, anxious and fidgety when they have to focus on something for a long time. Learning to live with this drawback is essential if you want to be successful. Let’s face it, being able to concentrate and focus on a task is required of us sometimes and more for younger kids, get vitamins for teenagers here and help them with a daily basis routine with a healthier life.

Break Time?

Taking frequent breaks or time outs from whatever you’re working on can help you maintain focus. This doesn’t mean that you should take long breaks, but sometimes, just a few minutes can help you get back to work with renewed focus.


The atmosphere you work in can have a huge effect on your focus and concentration. For example, a person with ADD is unlikely to get as much work done if they’re surrounded by noise or distractions, such as a TV or radio blaring away in the background. Instead, try to maintain a working environment that is conducive to concentration. It should be clean, and free of distractions.

Turn Off Your Email

If you work on the computer a lot, email can be very distracting. Sometimes it chimes whenever you get an email, and checking it is tantamount to losing focus. When you’re planning on getting down to work, turn off the email and get down to business.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Physical discomfort can be very distracting. For example, if you were working in a factory, wearing work boots on a hard concrete floor, you’d probably be distracted by your aching feet. You could help alleviate the pain by purchasing some gel insoles, which would help cushion your foot, and allow you to concentrate on your job. Whether you work from home, in a factory or in an office, you can optimize your environment to help you stay focused.


If someone is talking to you all of the time, it’s very hard to concentrate on your task. You can either remove yourself or tell the other person politely that you can’t talk right now. This will definitely help you remain focused on the task at hand. Remaining focused on a task is doubly hard when you have ADD or ADHD. Try some of the tips above to help you along your way.

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