How to Boost Your Focus and Concentration to Reach Your Goals


Focus and concentration are consistent issues for me.  I wonder if this is something you have difficulty with as well.  So please allow me to explore this further and give you additional recommendations.

In last week’s article The Power to Concentration I wrote about memory and focus and concentration.  I’ve done a great deal of study on these subjects because frankly these have been issues for me in the past.  I did talk about the Law of Association. Amongst my study I came across a great book on the subject from an expert in the field Theron Q. Dumont in his work “Concentration”. I recommend reading and studying his writings.

Being able to focus on a task, or concentrate for long periods of time, is unfortunately one of the side-effects of having ADD or ADHD. Lack of focus and concentration can affect a multitude of areas in our lives, from our personal relationships, keeping on top of paying our bills on time, to our business where perhaps we may miss an important meeting, costing us a project.

But you know these issues and obstacles are very personal.  It’s important to pay attention to your particular signs, symptoms and behaviors that continue to arise around focus and concentration.

For example, do you become bored, anxious and fidgety when you have to focus on something for a long time? Learning to live with this drawback is essential if you want to be successful in your personal and professional life. 

Let's face it, being able to concentrate and focus on a task to accomplish what you set out to do is going to make you feel better, give you a sense of security and give you certainty. I will tell you – you can learn the skills necessary to overcome these obstacles.  There are principles and practices you can put into place around memory, focus and concentration but for now here are some suggestions you can try to keep you on task.  Try them out and see how they fit in your life. 

Break Time?

Taking frequent breaks or time outs from whatever you're working on, can help you maintain focus. This doesn't mean that you should take long breaks, but sometimes, just a few minutes can help you get back to work with renewed focus.


Keep tabs on what keeps you focused. For example, the atmosphere you work in can have a huge effect on your focus and concentration. For example, are you a person who, surrounded by noise or distractions, such as a TV or radio blaring away in the background, has difficulty staying on task? Or are you a person who excels at having several stimuli running at once to help you TO stay focused?

Whatever it may be, discover and maintain a working environment that is conducive to concentration. Whatever those distractions, may I recommend it to be free of distractions. Clear the decks for your success.

Turn Off Your Email

If you work on the computer a lot, email can be very distracting. Sometimes it chimes whenever you get an email, and checking it is tantamount to losing focus. When you're planning on getting down to work, turn off the email and get down to business.

Another suggestion is to set a specific time during the day to read your emails.  My time is 3:30 PM unless I have a client. 

Make Yourself Comfortable

Physical discomfort can be very distracting. Check yourself before you start.  How’s your mood?  How are you feeling?  Is what you need within reach easily?  Do you need a more comfortable chair?  These are simple questions but not necessarily easy to follow through on. 

What is your big picture and vision you have for completing what you started?  What is your commitment to overcoming these obstacles? What are your goals and tasks that you need to accomplish?  How will you feel when you have accomplished what you set out to do?  Is this the best use of my time right now to get me closer to my goals? 

Keep these questions in the front of your mind.  Keep asking them.  They can help greatly with your ability to focus and concentrate.

Good luck and let me know how I can help you along your journey.  Contact me any time at




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