How to Find an ADD Doctor


How to Find an ADD DoctorToday was interesting! I received a call from a woman looking for a psychiatrist. “Hi, I need a psychiatrist.” I think I’m in a Woody Allen movie. Great opening line. Right? She told me she thought she had ADD; was looking to be diagnosed. Could I recommend someone?

There is a myth that doctors whether primary care or psychiatrists can diagnose Adult ADD. Did you know up until 15 years ago, adults with ADD were considered to be more depressed that inattentive? It was believed adults outgrew ADD. Rather than go into specific detail, it was related to the neurotransmitters of the brain.

If you or someone you know believes they have ADD seeking out a doctor is a smart move. What questions could you ask? Here are several to consider while interviewing a doctor – yes, interviewing. This is your body.

Ask for Referrals:

  1. Who do you know that has ADD that has been diagnosed and are happy with the results?
  2. Contact ADD organizations such as ADDA, CHADD, ADD Coaching Group, MAADD and ask for referrals.
  3. Contact me and I’ll send you a FREE ADD Resource Guide at my Learning Annex class which gives information that can assist you.

Once you find a doctor, psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist, etc. ask simple, straightforward questions:

  1. Have they had specific education and/or training related to ADD/ADHD?
  2. What percentage of their practice does the doctor work with people living with ADD? Is this new part of their practice due to the amount of publicity in the press? For how long?
  3. Does he understand the co-morbid nature of ADD? Co-morbidity means different types of medication may be given to the client which works on different parts of the brain?
  4. Is he prone to prescribe medication too quickly?
  5. What is their success rate with people living with ADD?
  6. What is the period of time that they suggest the medication will be used to determine the effectiveness in dealing with symptoms of ADD?
  7. Does he recommend natural alternatives in addition to medication or natural alternatives without medication?
  8. Does he suggest working with an ADD coach to help the client through the changes associated with effective medication?
  9. What is his network of support that you can tap into?
  10. Do you feel comfortable knowing and feeling you are in the hands of someone who appreciates the importance of proper diagnosis?

Proper diagnosis is a serious matter. I recommend you reach out to friends and of course please contact me. I have resources at all levels to assist you.

As I always say, your strongest allies are here as you develop an additional network of support right for you and for others.

I’m a firm believer: the more awareness we all have about ADD, the more we grow. You are better today knowing you have ADD.

Would you like more information on succeeding personally and professionally? Contact me!


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