How to Overcome Procrastination - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!Procrastination, unfortunately, seems to be connected to laziness, lack of desire or just plain – “there’s always tomorrow.” I have a strong suspicion procrastination is also connected to fear, uncertainty, hopelessness, and feeling alone. At these times, deciding what to do can seem like a huge mountain to climb. You can overcome procrastination by taking some steps to learn the essentials of decision making.

One of my clients can’t make decisions. I didn’t say won’t. I said can’t. Our unique brains when under pressure produce an enzyme that literally blocks our ability to make choices. We affectionately call it, “brain freeze.” Therefore, decision making and prioritizing presents problems which are directly related to procrastination.

Making choices usually entails the many options ADDers have. Job opportunities, new direction, learning to play guitar, get hip-hop dancing lessons, go figure out your sock draw. (I need to separate the blues from the blacks from the browns!) We become overwhelmed by so many choices we get stuck not doing any. The days turn into weeks and the rest. The result: we feel inadequate and maybe lazy.

Why do ADD people have a difficult time making choices? This is in direct proportion to the amount of stress and negative self-talk you are experiencing.

In order to overcome procrastination, you must first know how to make a decision that supports what you want.

In order to make a decision you need to:

  1. Accept that each choice lives and occupies its own world. This world we will call a domain of action.
  2. We now need to empty this vessel called our brain. To this you can write them down, talk to someone else or record into a tape recorder or anyway you can get all these thoughts and action domains out. (Is it paying the bills, getting the kids to school, getting my sock draw in order?)
  3. We are looking at the essence. What is paying bills about? MONEY. Getting kids to school is about FAMILY. Getting my sock draw in order is ORGANIZATION. Many things to do – TIME MANAGEMENT.
  4. Domains can overlap. TIME MANAGEMENT may be connected to MONEY.

To make a choice; to overcome procrastination gather more information. I guarantee you don’t have enough information to make the choice.

To gather information in order to make a choice:

  1. Seek support from those people that accept you as whole and complete; your ADD Coach, friends, family. Do not isolate. Participate. Health is a function of participation.
  2. Ask for help from people who are good in their domain. For MONEY, you might want to speak with an accountant or an organizer or a financial advisor.
  3. Research what might be needed. How much time does it actually take to drive my kids to school? How long does it take me to get the kids ready?
  4. Work backwards from the result you want. In this case, getting my kids to school on time.
  5. Know there are no mistakes; only learning experiences. Albert Einstein learned every time his theory was challenged.
  6. Accept that it takes practice over time. Have fun learning.

Our issues usually have to do with de-cluttering our thoughts. We have so many domains of action working at the same time, we can become overwhelmed. When this happens – collapsing of domains, we suffer, worry, criticize and generally do not feel good about ourselves.

You don’t need to suffer. That’s a promise. This information can assist you to work through your challenges. Your ability to make choices can be a source of your independence and success.

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