Is Procrastination Holding You Back From Being Financially Successful?

Do you put things off until the last minute? Are you constantly feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and worried that you have no control over your life? Chances are you have been blaming this on having too much to do. However, the real reason for this state of chaos is often procrastination.

There are many ways procrastination can chip away at your happiness and success, but it is most hazardous when it begins to affect your finances. Whether you work for a large corporation or own a small business, procrastination can slowly erode your efforts to become financially secure and successful.

If you are an employee, you most likely have certain duties that will not get done unless you personally complete them. When you first started your job, these duties were quite manageable and you finished each day satisfied and at ease. However, as time passed, you found yourself taking on a bit more responsibility. Instead of improving your time management skills to meet this increased responsibility, you began to put things off. Some days you don’t do any work at all because you just don’t know where to begin. Now when you leave work at the end of the day, your to-do list is longer than when they day started, your head is spinning and the stress of not having completed your assigned tasks follows you everywhere you go.

Despite your procrastination causing you stress personally, you have been able to meet all necessary deadlines. In your mind, this means that no one has noticed your slow decline. However, this is not usually the case. Behind your back, your coworkers are discussing how often they walk by your desk and see you surfing the internet. This information trickles up to management and they begin to notice that the quality of your work is lower than it once was.

At this point, your procrastination is directly affecting you financially. You have lowered your chances of receiving raises and we all know how common downsizing is these days. If you don’t stop procrastinating and return to your higher level of productivity, you run the risk of losing out on pay or losing your job completely.

If you own a small business, procrastination’s affects are even more obvious and immediate. This is especially true if you are a one-man-business. It might start with a decline in work quality, but soon you’ll be missing deadlines. In many home businesses, missing just one deadline in the Sales Pitch can mean the loss of a client. For instance, the internet is saturated with web designers. If you are a web designer and you can’t make deadlines, your client will find someone who can. Ultimately, your procrastination could lead to the complete destruction of your reputation and your business.

Whether the affects are as small as putting off paying your bills or as large as losing clients by missing deadlines, procrastination can absolutely ruin you financially. The way to combat this is to better manage your time. If you need to, take a class or read a book. There are many methods and tricks available to help you overcome your procrastination habit. Just make sure you find these methods before it is too late.

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