Love is a Verb!



The Beatles sang, "Love is all you need."  

I wish you a loving day. Valentine's Day is more than red hearts and sweet chocolates. Valentines' Day reminds us that love is an essential part of our lives.  Love comes in all shapes and forms. I want to share with you some basic concepts I've learned that might inspire you on this special day and over the coming year.

1. LOVE IS A FUNCTION OF COMMUNICATION: Everything we do or say happens in conversations with others or us. We are most close to those we love when there is talk and connection between each other.  Do you spend time to speak with those you love?  It doesn't matter whether it is good news or not.  What is most important is to say what matters most to you. People love people who give of themselves.

2. LOVE IS A VERB: Actions do speak louder than words and words have power. Do you make the extra call or meet for a quiet dinner in the midst of all the busy activities in your life? 

3. YOUR CONCERNS ARE NOW MY CONCERNS: That is the clearest declaration of love and caring you can have for another. This means going beyond not because you have to but will no matter what.

4. LET THEM HEAR IT!  Let them know how much you appreciate who they are and how they make you feel whether that means having the perfect dinner or whether it's your favorite hot dog stand. Telling loved ones in the moment and acknowledging them most importantly can be so meaningful to them and to you. 

5. BE GRATEFUL: How often in our haste we forget how fortunate we are to have loving people around us.  We are blessed in so many ways.  If you have love in your life in any form you are truly blessed.  And for that be grateful that these people have come into your life. 


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