Medication Alone will not Crack YOUR ADD ADHD Code


Man walks into a Doctor's office,
"Doctor, doctor! It hurts when I put my arm up like this.

Doctor responds,
"Well, don't pick up your arm?"

Do you ever feel that doctors just don't get it! I think at some point we all have had that feeling of being misunderstood or misconstrued. I want to talk to you about something I call Crack YOUR ADD ADHD Code.

Medication alone will not crack the ADD ADHD code

You can learn to Crack YOUR ADD ADHD Code®.  The goal is to unlock your greatness and possibility

To do so a new set of skills needs to be developed.  If anything, once we are aware of our particular blend of ADD ADHD symptoms, medication actually brings into focus your symptoms; in anything, you become more aware of what's not working.  Can you understand why you still might suffer?  “Great I have clarity and can focus somewhat better but I still get lost in distractions.”

Now what? Let’s take for example – attention

My clients ask, "So how do I pay attention?"

In order to discover a way to pay attention a good place to begin is to ask the question: Why am I inattentive at this moment?

You are one-of-a-kind, without equal, unrivaled, unparalleled, unmatched and unique to anyone in the world.  Your way of thinking, learning and being in this world is completely different from mine.  True?  What keeps you interested may not keep me interested. 

Ask Questions
Ask yourself: What keeps me interested?  How much time do I spend on my interests; my talents; my strengths? What would happen if I spent more time with my talents and strengths?

Another powerful question could beWhat causes my symptoms of ADD ADHD? Symptoms such as overwhelm, disorganization, unable to concentrate or hyperfocus most likely appear when your anxious, bored, overstimulated, understimulated, disinterested, stressed out and/or afraid. By isolating what may cause the symptoms, you might be able to make changes.

Have you ever heard a negative voice?  We call it “negative self-talk.” That's a great sign you’re recognizing one of these situations. Your negative self-talk can be used to highlight areas you wish to change. This takes a shift in perspective.  ADDing Perspective. Good work.

Here are five easy steps for paying attention

1. Discover:
 Notice when your distracted or can't pay attention.  This is the first step.  This usually occurs after you catch yourself and realize: "I'm not paying attention!"  Or if you are with someone they might say, "Are you paying attention?" That’s a really good sign!

2. Observe:
As I mentioned change happens when you can isolate what you wish to change. Remember back to the time.  What did they say?  What did you notice that had you think of something else? If you are with someone – were they boring to you?  It makes sense if you're bored your brain might be looking for something more interesting.  Right?

3. The Drift:
Once you pinpoint it, as best you can, notice how long your were off and away, isolate the time involved;  “The drift.” Overtime you can shorten the drift time as you keep taking note.

4. Keep track of Specific Situations:
ADD ADHD is situational.  By learning what situations cause you to wander, you'll be able to pay attention to when you drift.  By paying attention to this – you will find yourself more engaged.  Try it! 

5. Creativity Seeking It's Own Level
Understand that what others may call distraction, could really be creativity seeking its own level.  The opposite of distraction is to pay attention.  



Other Solutions

A Pad Next To My Computer

 Whenever I'm sitting down to write, I always keep a pad next to the computer.  When I find myself drifting; thinking of something else, I note it on the pad.  This for me keeps me centered on my writing as well as it assists me to capture my thoughts.

Index Cards

If I meet with someone to chat, I carry index cards.  I ask permission. I tell them I use the index card to capture ideas.  Would they mind? I'm making notes so I won't forget. I take it out and put it right in front of me.  The conversation may trigger a thought. I write it down.  Could be a couple of words – write article. By capturing the thought; whatever had me drift, in many cases, I'm able to pay attention.

There are many ways and solutions that could assist you.  These work for me.  What about you?  If you have any tips or techniques for keeping you on track, please pass them along. 

I'll be sure to share them. It is so valuable for our community to share information that heals and helps. ADD ADHD is such a large palette.  We see the world – each of us – in different shades of the same color.  This perspective alone can make a profound effect on the quality of our lives. 

I urge you to pass this email along to others.

As I always say, your strongest allies are here as you develop an ADD ADHD network of support with others.  I'm a firm believer: the more awareness we all have about ADD ADHD, the more we grow. You are better today knowing you have ADD ADHD.


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