I am so lucky. I love when clients bring new thinking and a willingness to share.

Ken Kitchings came up with the concept of the MENTAL PUSHUP to help focus him, move him into action and get things done.  I LOVE THIS CONCEPT.  We decided to write about it.  Here goes.

What is a MENTAL PUSHUP? It’s a physical exercise; an exercise of the brain to get back to the moment; “focal center” of what we decided to do. 

How do you do a MENTAL PUSHUP?

When you have a task that you want to complete such as make a phone call or pay some bills, you need not to be distracted with another action such as stopping to read the paper on the counter as you walk buy it or suddenly deciding to go and water the garden. 

The MENTAL PUSHUP is a way to push aside distractions that get in your way of doing the task you set out to do right in the moment.

For example, we concentrate and focus on what we want to do.  We keep it in our sights and make it the “focal center” of our thinking. It takes effort to push yourself away from quick impulses in your mind that lead you to frustration, anxiety and negative self talk. But that’s OK.  We know the more we do the exercise, the easier it becomes and stronger we get.

Your mind gets seduced by these distractions easily.  Isn’t it like a quick urge; a fast hunger for more mind candy? 

A MENTAL PUSHUP is using the muscle in your brain so you don’t need to get sucked into the bits of distraction that bombard us but it helps us stay on task.

You feel better after doing a pushup.  It relives the stress in your body; so too with a MENTAL PUSHUP.  It does this for your brain

 Our ADD ADHD brains are like speeding trains along the tracks of multiplicity.  It reminds me of the scene from the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise.  Cruise is walking down a hallway and on the wall are all these advertisements streaming by.  Has that feeling ever happened to you?  Whether an ADD ADHD person or entrepreneur we all know how living in the Decade of Distraction has us consumed with activities that are exactly opposite to what we started out doing.  No wonder it’s difficult to pay attention; so many interests; so many things going on.  However, whenever there are TOO many things going on we may forget what we started out to do, which can cause multiple symptoms of ADD ADHD or entrepreneurism.  So you can see this can be problematic. 

During these times we want to move into action! Action relieves any number of things: depression, overwhelms, procrastination and so on.  As I like to say, “Fill in the blanks.”

A MENTAL PUSHUP is focused action to reach a result that is going to make you feel better once completed.

When you know you have to get something completed, don’t wait.  Do it!  Do it right then – MENTAL PUSHUP.

If you drift a little, no worries – start again and pat yourself on the back as you start again.  Do a MENTAL PUSHUP and move yourself to your “focus center.”

A push up is a way to keep your body and mind strong.

So why not try a MENTAL PUSHUP? Get strong! This takes practice.  It’s an exercise to take you back to the moment. So work it. The benefits will far exceed the effort.

“If you don’t pay appropriate attention to what has your attention,
it’ll take more of your attention than it deserves.” David Allen


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