Not Achieving Your Goals? Get Smart!


Not Achieving Your Goals? Get Smart!If you are not hitting the targets that you aim for-whether it is mana

ging your career or enjoying your personal life–the best way to get what you want is to use a 5-step approach with the acronym smart.

First, be specific.

This applies one of my universal laws of success: expansion. What you pay attention to will expand as you become more specific.

Write down what you want to accomplish, being as detailed as you can:

  1. Know where you are going. Start by visualizing the end result as realistically as possible.
  2. Evaluate where you are now. According to Robert Fritz, by comparing where you are starting from with where you want to be, the tension between the two will bring you closer to your desired end.

Second, measure your desired outcome.

Measuring not only gives you direction but also provides a means of evaluating your progress. Otherwise, you have no way of determining when you achieve your goal.

Third, be sure that your goal is attainable.

Do you have the resources, ability, support system, fortitude and overwhelming desire to do whatever it takes to reach your goals? Are there people who can mentor you through the process? This evaluation allows you to gain momentum and remain motivated.

Fourth, be realistic.

Your desire should correspond with what is possible. For example, your aim is to travel the world buying antique furniture, then selling it for massive profits. Unfortunately, you know zero about this business.

By setting a five-year plan, you may succeed. Begin by studying antique furniture, and then get a job with an international company in the industry. As you gain competency in buying and selling profitably, you can ask to travel as a purchaser for the firm. Eventually, your expertise may allow you to open your own business, of course for this Accounting can be a vital so getting resources to help you with this is important as well.

Can you see how setting a realistic plan can enable you to reach your goal?

Finally, realize that time equals success.

Since you cannot achieve your goals overnight, you must set a clear target for completion of your plan. By defining an ending date, you are putting the wheels of intention in motion, as well as making a commitment.

By utilizing the smart approach, you will be amazed at your success in making your goals a reality.

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