Quieting The Little Voice


I’ve been asked several times by subscribers and my fantastic clients how to quiet the little voice – you know, the negative self-talk that will have you stay small. I wanted to send this along this updated version as an inspiration for you to succeed in 2012. 

Here goes.

You’re moving along.  Everything is humming.  Suddenly out of nowhere you stop.  You’re hearing those limiting voices telling you this is a waste of time.  Now you’re more concerned about what is not working in your life?  You’re a guy in a diner spending time complaining about this and that?  The complaining is easier than working as best you can to get the work done – no matter what? So now what?

Think bigger than those limiting voices would have you believe.  Create a new story about who you are and what you want.  In the words of Rocky, “Go for it.”

Shifting your thinking away from problems to successes creates opportunities in your personal and professional life.  When we’re in a success zone, we just feel healthier.

Here’s a simple and powerful exercise that can transform you from being a victim to leader. Just try it for a week:

1. Make a decision to ignore the temptation to say or do anything negative.  This includes criticism, judgment, make wrong or whatever to those people around you including YOURSELF! 

2. If you realize you are saying or doing anything negative shift it to something positive. I.e., “Can you believe how the sales person spoke to me?  To “Sometimes people have rough days, I know what that’s all about.”

3. Focus on your successes.  During your day write down five successes, accomplishments, wins as well as acknowledgements daily.

4. If you’re lacking motivation, ask yourself, who can I serve today?  Who can I inspire to go beyond where they believe they are stuck?

5. Do your best to eliminate your tendency towards negative self-talk.  If you hear those voices, tell them to go away.  Find a safe place to scream, “”Get away!”  I don’t recommend you do this when you’re in a meeting.  You can scream silently. If you forget to do the exercise one day, let it go and start again. If you’re able to do it one day; you’ve hit a homerun.  If you forget to do it at all and remember you could have; celebrate remembering you weren’t able to do this for whatever the reason – then start again. You can’t change what you don’t know you want to change.  Yeah! You’re a winner.



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