The ADD Coaching Group Serves the ADD/ADHD World Community


We offer our services to individuals as well as companies to assist their employees in achieving optimal productivity, increased growth and personal satisfaction.

We serve families who have a member that may be affected with ADD. Research has found, in most cases, ADD is hereditary. As such, one or both parents may have ADD. Instead of being educated to use their real strengths, all to often people with ADD have been marginalized by schools, shunned or under-utilized by employers, misunderstood in relationships and left with low self-esteem. We strive to teach individuals with ADD and the schools and/or organizations in which they learn and/or work to realize the valuable assets and untapped potential an ADD person can contribute.

An ADD people are often mistrusted because they get lost in details or suddenly change the subject or make an apparently off the wall comment during a meeting. Upon reflection, after the meeting is over, often others realize that the comment, idea or observation was brilliant.

ADD Coaching Group works to unravel the frustrations usually associated with organizational issues, ambivalence about school or work, attention levels and hyperactivity, both physical and cognitive.

The Benefit with ADD Programs, workshops, seminars and trainings were developed to master these "invisible challenges" which affect life and business decisions. We wholeheartedly believe individuals in all walks of life can achieve harmony through education, acceptance and compassion.

ADD Coaching Group believes that the only thing wrong with ADD is not knowing you have it!

We serve the ADD community helping them identify their passions and providing them purpose for perpetual progress.

  • Individuals and families of people who know they have ADD.
  • Creative ADD/ADHD entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals.
  • Learning institutions, grammar school through college, who educate people with ADD.
  • Companies who could benefit from proper identification and utilization of ADD personnel.
  • Individuals who have recently discover that they have ADD.
  • Individuals who suspect that they have ADD.


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