How come I keep forgetting?  What do I do about this?  I’ve been researching this because I can be a master at forgetting. I’ve learned if you are struggling it’s because you don’t understand something. 

I used to get very upset but I had to accept that forgetting happens to me.  I have a saying to keep me humble and peaceful:

I love my ADD.  It keeps reminding me how much I forget

Human beings forget because they do not concentrate their mind on their purpose, especially at the moment they conceive it. We remember only that which makes a deep impression. We must first deepen our impressions by associating in our minds certain ideas that are related to them. Concentrate so you won’t forget

I keep my keys in a specific place so I know where they are and I can remember quickly where to find them.  I have this 1950’s silver like tray I picked up some place.  It’s my “everything has its place” tray.  Keys = Silver tray.

The same rule holds good in regard to more important things. But here’s how I remembered to remember.  The first time I did this, I said to myself.  I’m walking out the door and the place I put my keys – the silver tray – is on the piano.  When I come home I’ll remember to put them there.  On the way home I’m am thinking, my keys will go in the silver tray on the piano.  It’s become a habit.  I very rarely forget where I put my keys now.

The mind is governed by laws of association, such as the law that ideas which enter the mind at the same time emerge at the same time, one assisting in recalling the others.

The reason why people cannot remember what they want to is that they have not concentrated sufficiently on their purpose at the moment when what they wanted to remember was formed.

You can train yourself to remember by paying attention and concentrating on your purpose, in line with the laws of association.

When once you form this habit, attention becomes focused and memory can be trained. Then your memory, instead of failing you at crucial moments, becomes a valuable asset in your every-day work. If I can’t remember I wait.  I accept I can’t remember and tell myself I will.  Just relax. I do not panic.  It’s going to come to me and I go about my business.  The moment my expectation goes away so many times it hits me – I remember.

All great people concentrate and owe their success to it. If you want to be able to solve difficult problems or simply remember where you put your keys you must learn to do the same.



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