The Wheel of Renewal – Your Unique Journey to Passion and Success


The Wheel of Renewal - Your Unique Journey to Passion and SuccessI often use the analogy of archeology at times while coaching. I’ve created The Wheel of Renewal, which emphasizes the idea of archeology. Imagine you’re in your own Indiana Jones movie called Indiana Jones and The Wheel of Renewal – Journey to Passion. Though the wheel is naturally a circle, the journey is not like “clock work” but rather a flexible process. We start where we are. We may find ourselves at various times at different parts of our lives; reflecting back, learning how to stay present as well as looking towards our future possibilities.

Part of anyone’s growth is to look back to see where they’ve been. Our journey begins by educating ourselves through discovery and exploration. There may be a tendency to blame ourselves for what we could have done or maybe even blaming others. We can learn a new way of seeing the world by ADDing Perspective. I liken this to watching a movie or reading a book. There is no need for judgment because we come to understand that our ADD during those times could have hindered our perception of life. We also come to realize there is power in looking back as everything (ones’ history, culture, and life); everything ever experienced “informs” us. Each event plays a critical part bringing us to where we are right now! Through acceptance, we build a bridge to possibilities in the future.

I emphasize one cannot grow the future while stuck in the past. Simultaneously, once we’ve had a chance to discover and explore, there is a tendency with clients to become energized. It is during this phase, we explore our natural talents. As one develops the talent muscle with practice they invariably become strengths. Have you ever heard someone remark about a girl who can sing on pitch at 5 years old? What do we say? “She has talent. She should really have lessons.” Over time and with practice her singing may become an awesome strength. Focused talents always lead to strengths. Strengths lead to passion. Whether one follows their passion is another story.

We work on these strengths if you are comfortable with them and explore how to use your ADD/ADHD to your competitive advantage. It is not unusual for clients to feel empowered and renewed with a new found purpose to potentially reinvent and/or reconstruct your current life situation/s. Once this is purpose is embraced, passion may arise. Clients take actions according to their vision and goals. At this point, we may find ourselves back to educating ourselves once again. Thus, The Wheel of Renewal may begin again. I look forward to exploring this with you. Contact me anytime.




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