Three Easy Steps to Develop a New Habit


One of the biggest challenges we all share especially people living with ADD ADHD is consistency.  Many times it’s hard to stay structured – stay on a diet, being on time, exercising and such. Can you relate?

One way to keep structured is to develop a new habit – one to replace the old one.  We read that it takes 21 days to change a habit or develop a new one.  I wanted to share the steps to create a new habit and vice versa.

Whatever the habit – good or bad, understanding the steps can only help you to reach your goals.

Habits are consistent behavior over time till whatever you do becomes natural.  Here is a three step system for creating a habit over 30 days.

  1. Launch – 1-10 days

The launch cycle is the hardest part of creating a habit.  This cycle takes rigor and a commitment to change.  When a rocket is put into space 85% of the fuel is burnt on the ground.  The amount of energy and conscious focus to propel the object into space is enormous; so too with creating and implementing a new habit. 

If we take a diet as an example, we find that by the third or fourth day people get off the line.  They become bored or they do not have enough information about a diet that can work for them.  The motivation to continue dissolves. 

If you find yourself off the line, get back on it. 

What we also find is about the fifth and sixth day, your body starts to crave the consistency.  You see this with exercise.  Your critical time is ten days.

  1. Maintenance– 10-20 days

By the time you hit the maintenance cycle you’ll find the habit becomes easier.  It starts to get into your body.  What was difficult becomes almost automatic.  Your ability to be consistent is easier.  This is one of the reasons why great musicians like Kenny Brescia and Eric Clapton play and practice daily. 

  1. Cruise control – 20 – 30 days

The habit is in place.  What was difficult is part of you.  It’s a natural extension of you. You may actually think back and wonder, what was I thinking when that other habit was happening.  Actually you weren’t thinking.  You were on automatic.  This time you decided differently.

  1. Do it NOW.



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