What Is Coaching And Why Is It So Important?


What Is Coaching And Why Is It So Important?There has been a great deal of talk about coaching. Not only that but we hear about so many kinds of coaches – business coach, life coach (such a funny term for me), even an ADD coach, sports coach and so many more. There are cooking coaches, greening coaches, finance coaches, and many, many more. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a James Bond coach. James Bond wannabe, “My name is Bond, James Bond. I live at Kinsingdale Square.” Cut! James Bond Coach, very supportive, “That was very good but just – my name is Bond, James Bond.”

Another term you could use in place of a coach is a mentor. A mentor is a person who sees talent that could use nurturing. They take you into their lives and help you grow beyond wherever you may feel limited. If you do the work, listen intently and enthusiastically and apply mentor’s guidance you just may achieve success.

We all are looking for excellence in our lives. Coaching can help you achieve excellence. This is why it is so important to have a coach. So let’s make this as simple as possible – coaches help you see what you cannot see. The art of coaching is about an outside observer giving you tips and techniques for improving your game. But just suppose we had to play a different kind of game, the success game?

An example is a runner’s concerns that may include various methods performance enhancement so that ultimately they can maximize their enjoyment of the experience of running. The runner strives to enhance what makes him most effective and strives to learn what areas of his running could improve. He does this by enlisting the aid of a coach.

People who want to get better at what they do in any walk of life – family, work, relationships, outside interests – work to develop their talents and turn them into strengths. One way to do this is to hire a dedicated coach who has the ability to observe from a distance, nurture, improve and enhance performance. A coach will watch you practice and make suggestions. Perhaps the runner should have less movement in his arms. Perhaps by moving several degrees forward, the runner can increase their speed. With each suggestion, the coach empowers the runner to take full advantage of a new and unique way of running specific to them.

Now if you are a person living with ADD who strives to succeed then working with an ADD Coach is of utmost importance. An expert ADD Coach can educate, nurture, improve and enhance your performance by focusing on what is unique to you. Some would call this your “unique brain wiring.” Though people living with ADD share behaviors, signs or symptoms, their approach to dealing with or being affected by them, is as unique as each of our fingerprints. An ADD Coach can help you isolate your strengths

Regardless of your uniqueness, you can learn how to maximize your strengths to reach your goals and dreams. When you work with a coach, you will most likely reach them faster than by yourself.

Here’s a little bit of coaching, one of the key points in reaching your goals and dreams is to be massively specific. In another article, we will discuss this at length along with techniques for “drilling down to specificity.”

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