10 Ways to Benefit with ADD

  1. Accept where you are
    Accept that you were born with ADD just as you were born with a different blood type than many other people.  ADD is an essential part of who you are; a part that can add to the quality of your life and others. You no longer need to feel a victim of ADD.  ADD can be your greatest asset.
  2. “ADD” to your life
    Allow ADD to enhance your life.  Understand that many view those with ADD as doomed to a life of confusion, even mediocrity. You are considered different and handicapped.  But, just as a left-handed pitcher is different and can be an enormous advantage to a major league baseball team, so can the unique mental skills and creativity of someone with ADD.  Appreciate your ADD sensitivities and find out how to apply them.
  3. Learn how your brain works
    Your brain’s chemistry affects YOUR ADD.  Your brain is wired differently than most people and also different than other people living with ADD.  The lack of, or the abundance of, various enzymes such as serotonin and adrenaline, amongst others, make your reaction to the symptoms of ADD different for mine or other people living with ADD.  By gaining knowledge of the special way your ADD brain works along with your unique learning habits, working style and areas of strength, you can learn to focus on the things that bring you satisfaction, productivity and ultimately, success.
  4. Identify Your ADD Strengths
    ADD is situational. Discover your strengths by exploring your talents. The things that come easily to you are most likely where your talents lie.  When you are exercising your strengths and immersed in those areas that give you pleasure, you may find that your ADD symptoms were not predominate or perhaps even disappear during these times.
  5. Working Through: Seek and Apply Your ADD Education
    “Working through” properly presupposes competence and the ability of the individual to accomplish something from the start. It is a positive approach to success in all areas of life.  By developing the skill of working through, you can overcome setbacks, and live a full, rewarding and complete successful life.  The result of working through is pride in who you are and whatever you want to achieve. Working through is one of the essential tools you can use to master your ADD.
  6. Trust Yourself and Your ADD
    Trust is the primary and essential component in any relationship, including your relationship with ourselves. Trust involves setting priorities and making choices. Sincerity and ones ability are part of the essential characteristics and distinctions of trust. Learn to trust your abilities to succeed with ADD. Trust in yourself above all.
  7. Conquer Negative Self-Talk:  Expand What Is Right About You
    Develop a deeper understanding and experience of what is right about you (including your ADD) and avoid what you perceive to be wrong.  Learn to quiet the noise in your head by using the 10 secrets to overcome negative self-talk. Paying attention to your successes helps you reduce the negative self-talk and thinking that sabotages your self-esteem.  Remember, there are no mistakes only continued skill-building and learning experiences. Centering on what works in your life sets the stage for a world of possibilities, opportunities and abundance that await you.
  8. What You Pay Attention to Grows – ADDing Perspective®
    What you pay attention to grows. A trained ADD coach’s job is to watch, listen, and observe what, how and where you’re focused.  If you’re stuck in rumination over making a mistake, you can count on more mistakes.  Over time, you will come to realize that you are a series of successes with interruptions of new learning. Practice paying attention to what you are paying attention to.
  9. Believe in Yourself with ADD
    “To thine own self be true.”  Believe in who you are and what you do.  Let go of the attraction to those people who treat you as broken. Let go of anyone who will not accept you for exactly who you are.  Understand you often have special abilities that are hidden.  Every thought you have can be a benefit to somebody, including yourself.  Appreciate your uniqueness.  Believe that ADD can be a positive resource for yourself and others. Believe in Yourself with ADD.
  10. Celebrate, Laugh and Let Go
    Everyone at sometime in their lives exhibits the symptoms of ADD.  Everyone procrastinates, feels overwhelmed, or looses focus at some point.  Therefore, remember – – – It’s all good!  Actively laugh at any and all negative perceptions whether they be events, people, opinions, judgments and situations. Laugh out loud.  Don’t hold it in.  If it’s negative, it’s not a benefit.  When you can make a positive situation out of a negative situation you Benefit with ADD® and WIN with ADD®.

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