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How to Increase Your Child’s Mental Focus Without Drugs

How to Increase Your Child's Mental Focus Without DrugsADD and ADHD are both complex problems that science has been unable to explain adequately. Chemicals in the brain and neurotransmitter problems are just two of the possible explanations, but overall, the medical response to ADD has been to medicate the patient, which does help in some cases, but not in all. Children who have ADD usually have a hard time staying focused in the classroom. Take a look at Nuleaf Naturals reviews and learn about it’s many health benefits.

They fidget, talk at inappropriate times and sometimes act out from boredom, which inevitably affects their marks. As a parent, you can help your child remain focused, by following a few of the tips below. In now day part of successful of any company is the strategy of digital marketing that uses,is very important that even if your company is a small one use digital marketing services for small business.

Healthy Food Choices The answer begins in the kitchen. Often, our refrigerators and cupboards are full of high fat, high sugar, and high carbohydrate foods. Sugar and caffeine can make a child more hyper than they already are, which isn’t a good thing, especially if your child has ADD or ADHD. A well-balanced diet can go a long way in helping your child operate at optimum levels. It will also stave off obesity issues now, and in the future. Instead of buying chips and chocolate, pick up some healthy snack food, such as fresh fruit and raw vegetables. By doing so, you’ll probably notice a positive change in your child’s behavior and mental focus.

Make Exercise a Habit You can increase your child’s focus by ensuring that their bodies are healthy. Make it a habit to do something every day. Whether you go for a walk after supper, hit the park on the weekends or throw the ball around in the backyard, it’s important that your child stay active. The more oxygen flow they have to their brains, which is increased by exercise, the more mentally focused they’ll become.

Try Antioxidants Our bodies save up toxins, but antioxidants can help rid the body of these harmful chemicals, and increase mental focus at the same time. Antioxidants can be found in foods, such as blueberries, or in supplements, such as fish oil. Remember, the healthier the body, the healthier the mind. Both facets are inextricably linked. If your child has ADD or ADHD, try out the above three tips for immediate results. Children learn by example, and by practicing the three tips above, you can lead them into a brighter, healthier future.

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Drugs are not ideal and people get addicted to them fast, in such cases they can go to drug rehab in orlando to seek help with the addiction.

ADD Related Productivity Time Management

Common Time Management Pitfalls

Managing your time may sound easy, but there are a number of pitfalls that people routinely run into. If you have ADHD or ADD, you may find that staying on task is difficult, and avoiding these pitfalls may save you a lot of time, energy, money and give you a little peace of mind.

Sleep Easy

Getting enough sleep is essential to proper mental focus and concentration. A tired mind accomplishes less, whether you have ADD or not. For those with ADD, however, lack of sleep can be catastrophic.

Ideally, you should get at least 8 hours of sleep. In a way, it’s a vicious circle; the less sleep you have, the less you get done, the more you worry, and as a consequence, the less sleep you’re likely to get. Your body and mind need to rejuvenate, and the majority of that rejuvenation takes place while you sleep.

Concentrate on One Task at a Time

Multi-tasking is overrated. Your mind can only focus entirely on one thing at a time. It’s better to do one thing well, than four things poorly. Many people who have ADD get side tracked by other projects. As a consequence, they lose focus and nothing gets done. Instead, try to remain focused on one task at a time, and always do the best job possible. Marketing is one of the most important things a business can do, for this reason is very important that you learn How To Use Construction Banners As Part Of Your Marketing Material.

Eat Right

If you have ADD, as I do, it’s very easy to lose track of time and forget to eat. This is a dangerous practice. Without the proper Vitamins, your body doesn’t function properly, making concentration nearly impossible. In order to function at optimum levels, you should be eating 4-5 small meals per day. If you can’t remember, try setting an alarm of some sort to remind you.

Do the Hard Tasks First

Let’s imagine that you have a list of chores that need to be done today. Instead of doing the easy ones first, try doing the difficult ones. Let’s face it, anyone, no matter whether you have ADD or not, can get fatigued after doing multiple tasks. It’s human nature. Your focus is sharpest when you start out in the morning, so getting those difficult tasks out of the way is a great way of getting more done in a day.

Follow the above tips to get the most out of your day. It’s important to manage your time effectively, if you want to be successful in almost any area of your life.

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One Practice to Overcome Procrastination What If There Were No What If’s

Some “What if’s” of Procrastination

We all know about the “what if’s.”

  • I have enough time to get this done.
  • Tomorrow is a better time.
  • What will I do, say, be, look like, etc.
  • What if I’m not doing the right thing?
  • What if it doesn’t happen – then what?
  • Feel free to fill in your own what ifs.

What if’s hold us back from moving forward and getting into action to accomplish what we say we want – to accomplish our goals.  The “what ifs’” are one of the primary reasons we may find ourselves procrastinating even though we don’t know why.

First, remember to be kind to yourself.  Why?  You are not procrastinating on purpose.  Understand that in so many cases procrastination is happening to you.  It is happening to you on an unconscious level.  It’s only after the fact that you can realize – I can’t get started.  You are left to suffer, get frustrated and wonder why.  When this happens it makes complete sense to do something that is more pleasurable.  Wouldn’t you rather be doing something that is not boring?

When this happens you can find yourself in a negative self-talk loop. There are times you simply cannot do anything. Under stress your brain chemistry is imbalanced.  Bam! Brain freeze!

Procrastination is the result of avoidance, and both the result of and driver of anxietyAnxiety associated with procrastination continues to fester and grows over time. Anxiety can become so uncomfortable that we seek relief for it, hoping there is some better way to tolerate things left undone. If you are fighting against this condition, check out this new cbd oil to deal with your anxiety.

“People have a tendency to remain the same until they can isolate and recognize what it is they want to change”.

It’s the unconscious part that we must practice to identify by becoming aware of the various and specific situations we encounter that has procrastination getting in our way.  This takes a new set of skills for looking and listening and, in short, observing our behavior without any criticism. We need to learn the skill of debating and questioning. Our goal is the eventual state with humility and dignity – “There it is again.  What’s going on? Where did that come from?  OK! Let’s move on. Who can I call who can help me through this? What could I be doing differently?”

Frank Coppola from Get Into Action – 8 Simple Steps to Overcome Procrastination


Finding the Right Job – 10 Traps That Can Be Found in the Workplace

Attention Deficit Disorder can present many challenges in the workplace. In fact, work may be the place where adults suffering from ADD are most affected. Because ADD symptoms include lack of focus, tendency to procrastinate and problems with organization, people with ADD often find it hard to find and keep a job.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive list of ADD-friendly jobs. There is not a profile that fits everyone who has been diagnosed with ADD. In fact, adults with ADD are successful in jobs ranging from teachers and attorneys to artists and pilots. Just like everyone else, individuals with ADD have unique skills, passions, and goals.

One of the major problems individuals with ADD have is finding an occupation that holds their interest. Career counseling and career coach packages can be an indispensable aid in helping them find a job or career path in which they will find continued satisfaction and success. Check out this website to find the best re writer tool for your business articles.

A career counselor working with an adult with ADD would ask him or her many questions to determine the right fit. These would include questions about his or her interests, passions, past achievements, values, skills, goals, dreams and coping skills. The counselor would also get to know the patient’s temperament, what comes naturally to him or her and any fears the patient may have about trying out a certain job or the workplace in general.

This sort of in-depth career assessment can help the counselor and the individual to really narrow down areas of interest and find the jobs in which he or she has the greatest chance of success. There is no cookie-cutter career chart for people with attention deficit disorder, but by working with ADD-sufferers individually, realistic goals and aspirations can be set.

The Attention Deficit Disorder Association published a list of ten “traps” that can be found in the workplace. These are the problems that adults with ADD will most likely encounter during their careers:

  1. Distractibility
  2. Impulsivity
  3. Hyperactivity
  4. Memory problems
  5. Boredom
  6. Time management problems
  7. Procrastination
  8. Difficulty with Long-term projects
  9. Paperwork
  10. Interpersonal difficulties

Basically, it’s a list of ADD symptoms. These are all issues that can be dealt with using some learned techniques. Your doctor, therapist and various books are available to help you deal with any issues you might encounter in the workplace due to your ADD symptoms.

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What is Hyper-Focus and How Does it Affect Those With ADD – ADHD?

What is Hyper-Focus and How Does it Affect Those With ADD – ADHD? People who have ADD or ADHD usually don’t mean to be late. It’s not like they wake up in the morning, determined to be late for school or work or an important appointment. Most people with ADD have a very hard time managing their time. People who don’t have ADD rarely understand this, and so become angry when they perceive themselves to be a victim of someone who just doesn’t care enough to be on time, look for treatments at the OTC health solutions shop.

Being late can cause problems in your family and harm your career. It can even cause problems between co-workers. For example, if you’re in school, and you habitually forget to hand in your assignments or are late for class, your grades will drop. If you’re late to work or lose track of time, making you late for a work-related meeting, you may lose your job.

This sometimes happens to people who have ADD because they become hyper-focused on a task and lose track of time. A lot of people who have ADD focus intently on a task; so intently, in fact, that they lose track of time. Hours seem to slip away, and the ADD may think that it’s only minutes. This is part of the reason why people who have ADD have a tendency to be late.

Time management is different for those who have ADD than it is for those who don’t. They have to learn how to manage their time even better than people who don’t have ADD. In fact, they may have to take drastic measures to ensure that they are on time.

What types of measures?

If it’s a persistent problem, people with ADD could buy a watch that vibrates at certain times of the day, which will help ensure that they’re on time. Getting things ready the night before is usually a good idea. Getting a planner is another solution that doesn’t cost a lot of money but can help you plan your day.

Even small things can make a world of difference. For example, if you read a few pages of a novel while sipping your morning coffee, you may have to limit yourself to a certain number of pages. That way, you don’t get caught up in the storyline and lose track of time.

Learning to manage your time, especially if you have ADD, is a learning curve. Try to pick out the ‘time wasters’ in your life, and figure out some countermeasures.

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Is Procrastination Ruining Your Marriage?

Is Procrastination Ruining Your Marriage?Late for dinner again? Not able to make it to Bobby Jr.’s baseball game because you have to work all weekend? Have you re-scheduled date night for several weeks in a row?

Chances are if you answered yes to any of these questions you consider yourself overworked. However, it’s a safe bet to say that a large part of your overload is due more to procrastination than the actual amount of work you have to complete. Even if you end up meeting deadlines, other areas of your life suffer. One of the most crucial areas procrastination can affect is your marriage.

Not only does your spouse have to pick up the slack for responsibilities you no longer have time for, he/she will start to feel less like part of a team and more like a solo artist. This ongoing shift in the relationship can cause resentment and anger in your partner and lead to many problems.

Another issue that procrastination brings up that relates to marital problems is personal finance. By putting off bills and taxes, credit scores suffer and extra fees are paid. Even something as seemingly benign as Christmas shopping can mean major problems for procrastinators.

By leaving it until the last minute, procrastinators don’t save up to pay for gifts and are forced to pay more or make their purchases using credit cards. This has a huge impact on the procrastinator’s spouse as well and another rift is created in the marriage.

A happy marriage is built on teamwork. When one member of the team keeps missing the goals, the entire team loses. When you sign on to be someone’s spouse, you become one half of a partnership. If you are unable to successfully contribute your 50% – whether that be in terms of finances, attention or any other tangible or intangible factor – you are not holding up your end of the bargain.

Though a marriage struggling due to procrastination can be turned around, it can take a lot of work. This is mostly due to the fact that the procrastinator is not likely to admit that he/she has a problem. Instead, the absences will be blamed on an overflowing workload or simply being too busy. However, if the procrastinator can come to terms with his/her problem and restore the equality in the relationship, the marriage can be repaired.

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