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“Frank Coppola takes his clients from stop to start to center. His unique, research-based approach to coaching those with ADD simply doesn’t change lives – it transforms lives to levels never thought possible! Those who “suffer” from ADD find themselves repeatedly in broken relationships, derailed careers, and in financial situations that are below par. They don’t know where to turn or what to do. Most of Frank’s clients come to him thinking that they are “broken.” After they work with Frank, however, their whole attitude and mood is different. He views his clients’ ADD symptoms from a fresh perspective by thoughtfully providing each individual the skills, tools and coaching that leverage their strengths – enthusiasm, creativity and intuition. Frank identifies and articulates what his clients are good at and provides them with practical applications that takes them to lasting, loving relationships, rewarding careers, and financial success.” 
Maurice Ghysels, PhD

The ADD Coaching Group offers various types of services including teleclasses, teleconferences, monthly and individual coaching.

A TeleClass is a conference call… similar to a chat line.  You and other participants call a special phone number at the TeleClass time to join your class leader in a group meeting on a specific subject.

Monthly Coaching 
The Monthly Coaching Series are a sequence of sessions dealing with larger, more complex subjects… in person or over the phone.  Participants are given assignments, tasks and goals to help them evaluate their progress.
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Individual Coaching
One-On-One sessions to help identify, address and master your unique challenges. View Individual Coaching Services

FREE 30 Minute Coaching Session
To discuss your ADD – ADHD questions, needs, wants and desires, please call Frank Coppola at (646) 295-5625 for a FREE 30 minute telephone conversation.

This offers an opportunity for brief introductions on a personal level.

What is a TeleClass?
A TeleClass is a conference call… similar to a chat line.  You and other participants call a special phone number at the TeleClass time and you are welcomed by your class leader.  The TeleClass begins promptly at the appointed time.  Like a college class, a TeleClass may involve lecture, discussion and questions and answers.  It is highly interactive and you decide how much you wish to engage with the group discussion.  You do not need a computer to be in the class… just a regular telephone

“It’s All Good!” – The “10 Ways to Benefit with Your ADD” Teleclass

You’ve lived your life wondering if there was something wrong with you. You’ve felt misunderstood and frustrated having to explain your behavior to everyone? Whether in school, at work or in relationship, you just knew there was something missing but you just couldn’t put you fingers on what it was. When you found out you had ADD or you suspected you had ADD, there was a tremendous sense of relief and a terrible experience of loss. If you are one of the approximately 40 million people in the United States alone who have or think they ADD, you must be wondering, “Now What?” Here’s your answer. This one hour teleclass “It’s All Good!” based upon my upcoming book “10 Ways to Benefit with Your ADD” will explore why having ADD can be a tremendous advantage. You’ll walk away from this teleclass with the complete understanding that – the only thing wrong with having ADD is not knowing it! Absolutely!

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The 5’s!  – The Five Principles for Organizing Anyone and Anything.

Whether your desk is a mess or your closet is in chaos, all organizing can be strategically broken down to five  principles. You will learn organizing tactics and tips for adults with ADD. You will learn the difference between things you value and storing junk, how to declutter for personal freedom, how color can assist, and above all a simple methodology for organizing anything in life that works for YOUR unique brain-wiring. And more! This one hour teleclass will feature Lynda Foxman, founder of The Organizing Group. Lynda is a nationally acclaimed master consultant on organization. She has been featured on the HGTV Cable Series Mission Organization with another series in the wings.   We will work as a team unraveling the mysteries of getting things organized and putting things into action.

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You’ve Got ADD: WORK IT!!!!  – A Teleclass for ADD People in all Walks of Business.

You have ADD – you have an abundance of ideas and you can’t seem to put them into action. You believe you are an entrepreneur or a creative professional yearning to position your business and your life.

Are you an Entrepreneur? An Intrepreneur? An Intrapreneur? Multi-preneur, or a Serial-preneur?

Knowing the difference and how best to manage your skills and natural gifts is the difference between doing OK or succeeding dramatically in all your endeavors. Whether working as a sole proprietor in your home office or working for a major corporation, this one hour teleclass will help you to take advantage of your natural talents and strengths and develop them fully.

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“It’s a Girl/Guy Thing” – Guidelines for Negotiating Relationship Teleclass

Why don’t they understand? Can’t they see how hard I’m trying? What is wrong with them that they would think there is something wrong with me?

These are direct quotes from couples I’ve worked with scream for love and care. How can I make my relationships – all relationships sing?

During this teleclass, you’ll learn the key element for success in negotiating any relationship. You’ll learn effective ways of communicating with your spouse, friend, boss and/or family.

This one hour teleclass will gently move you through the process of understanding and show how we all can benefit. This has been known to be the most moving and action oriented teleclass of all.

Please make sure you bring your sense humor.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words. (BUT I CAN’T HEAR YOU!) – How to Move from Procrastination to Getting “IT” Done Teleclass

You know what you are supposed to do and by when. With all that, you keep waiting till the last minute and you don’t know why. You are called irresponsible and worse – lazy. NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TURTH. In this one hour teleclass you’ll learn about this called procrastination? You’ll be shown how to see it as an opportunity for greatness. You’ll learn the 4 building blocks necessary in order to move into action. The teleclass will feature real life situations and specific tips and exercises.

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How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You? – For Parents of Children with ADD Teleclass

You’re frustrated, angry and upset with your ADD child. Not only that but you’re feeling terribly guilty at feeling so badly about how your feeling. They don’t listen. Why can’t they stop interrupting me? How can they be so smart and get such terrible grades. I’m worried!

You may actually be thinking that you’re a bad parent. What you really need is to be educated, encouraged and empowered. ADD is been much aligned especially in the school system. What do you need to know to be able to communicate with you child and with his teachers.

This one hour teleclass will show you what is absolutely essential for your child to reach their goals. We will explore what works and what doesn’t work in order for your child to have a happier life. Our main goal will be to appreciate your child’s natural talents so he can shine.

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Monthly Coaching Series
The Monthly Coaching Series is a sequence of sessions to deepen your understanding of the challenges of ADD. Its purpose is to reveal ones natural talents and strengths. Once this is discovered profound changes occur which expands all aspects of life.

The ADDCG programs focus on “you are not broken” and how to use ADD to one’s competitive advantage. Clients report – RELIEF.  They have  energy to focus on their purpose in life and to increase quality of their lives. Once this is achieved, negative issues associated with ADD more than often transform.

“After participating, I’ve come to realize I am exactly the same and completely different. My future is filled with opportunity.”

FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session
To discuss your ADD – ADHD questions, needs, wants and desires, please call Frank Coppola at

(646) 295-5625 for a FREE 30-minute telephone conversation.

This offers an opportunity for brief introductions on a personal level.

Coaching is available in person and via Teleconferencing and is now available for purchase from this website.