Finding the Right Job – 10 Traps That Can Be Found in the Workplace

Attention Deficit Disorder can present many challenges in the workplace. In fact, work may be the place where adults suffering from ADD are most affected. Because ADD symptoms include lack of focus, tendency to procrastinate and problems with organization, people with ADD often find it hard to find and keep a job.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive list of ADD-friendly jobs. There is not a profile that fits everyone who has been diagnosed with ADD. In fact, adults with ADD are successful in jobs ranging from teachers and attorneys to artists and pilots. Just like everyone else, individuals with ADD have unique skills, passions, and goals.

One of the major problems individuals with ADD have is finding an occupation that holds their interest. Career counseling and career coach packages can be an indispensable aid in helping them find a job or career path in which they will find continued satisfaction and success. Check out this website to find the best re writer tool for your business articles.

A career counselor working with an adult with ADD would ask him or her many questions to determine the right fit. These would include questions about his or her interests, passions, past achievements, values, skills, goals, dreams and coping skills. The counselor would also get to know the patient’s temperament, what comes naturally to him or her and any fears the patient may have about trying out a certain job or the workplace in general.

This sort of in-depth career assessment can help the counselor and the individual to really narrow down areas of interest and find the jobs in which he or she has the greatest chance of success. There is no cookie-cutter career chart for people with attention deficit disorder, but by working with ADD-sufferers individually, realistic goals and aspirations can be set.

The Attention Deficit Disorder Association published a list of ten “traps” that can be found in the workplace. These are the problems that adults with ADD will most likely encounter during their careers:

  1. Distractibility
  2. Impulsivity
  3. Hyperactivity
  4. Memory problems
  5. Boredom
  6. Time management problems
  7. Procrastination
  8. Difficulty with Long-term projects
  9. Paperwork
  10. Interpersonal difficulties

Basically, it’s a list of ADD symptoms. These are all issues that can be dealt with using some learned techniques. Your doctor, therapist and various books are available to help you deal with any issues you might encounter in the workplace due to your ADD symptoms.

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By Frank Coppola

My name is Frank Coppola MA, ODC, ACG and I have a passion for personal and professional coaching, with a specialization in people with ADD. I find it gratifying working with adults - parents, entrepreneurs, couples and educators - with and without ADD. I believe firmly that the only thing wrong with ADD is not knowing you have it! Once properly diagnosed and properly coached, people with ADD have unique advantages waiting to be appreciated by themselves and others.

I am an ADD Benefit’s Coach & Trainer. In a world designed by people with invisible challenges like ADD, we can sometimes feel misplaced. I love helping others understand and appreciate how their “unique brain wiring” can actually be their strongest friend and ally. We work together to uncover your talents and maximize your strengths so you can take full advantage and benefit from your ADD.