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Finding the Right Job If You Have ADD

Finding the Right Job If You Have ADDWith a recession looming around the world, people everywhere are looking to save money and find an occupation that can weather the storm. People who have Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) sometimes have a hard enough time holding on to a job in the best of times, let alone tougher times, such as we’re seeing now.

As you know, ADD/ADHD is a disorder that makes it difficult for us to concentrate on one task for a long period of time. We sometimes become bored and restless, which for many jobs, can make it nearly impossible to hold on to a job. However, there is hope. People who suffer from ADD/ADHD are often creative; free spirits, who can make as much money, and more, using their natural talents and strengths.

Use Your Natural Talents and Strengths

By discovering what you are good at, you can overcome the behaviors, symptoms, and signs of ADD/ADHD.  Focus your attention of what comes natural and easy for you.  If you are in situations that are difficult, take a moment to step back and ask what strengths can I bring and use in this situation.  Rely on your intuition and know that you are bigger than the frustration you may be feeling in that moment.

Finding the Right Job

People can use their ADD/ADHD to their competitive advantage and benefit. Having ADD/ADHD doesn’t mean that you’re handicapped and incapable of making money. In fact, it could be a boon in disguise. Finding the right job to suit you is the real trick.

If you suffer from ADD/ADHD, you want to pay close attention what comes naturally to you; some would call these your natural strengths.  You might be saying, “Hey Frank, if I knew this I wouldn’t be feeling so lost.”  Don’t despair.  I suggest you look into your childhood.  Remember what you loved as a kid – maybe collecting stamps or reading mystery books or playing Monopoly.  In all three cases, clients I’ve worked with found the string to their new careers; archaeology, forensic accounting, construction jobs and business.

The ADD Entrepreneur or How to Have Diversity in Your Business Life

Have you given any thought of being an entrepreneur? Someone who owns their own business has to constantly rise to challenges. Constantly shifting working patterns and decision making can help keep someone from getting bored. It is not uncommon that people living with ADD/ADHD can be quick thinkers and keen problem solvers which are great attributes for managing a business.

If you’d rather work for someone else, or are unable to start your own business for whatever reason, depending upon your particular “brand of ADD/ADHD” work at finding a job that doesn’t require you to do the exact same thing every day. I know for myself, the constant repetition creates boredom and as hard as I try I simply fall into distraction and disinterest.  Can you relate?

For an extreme example, a factory job that requires the worker to punch a hole in a piece of metal, hour after hour, is probably not an ideal job for someone with ADD/ADHD. But perhaps a job that requires the worker to deal with people, and thus is constantly changing, might be a better fit.  This type of job would play into your strengths, and not rely on your weaknesses.

Like everything, no matter whether you have ADD/ADHD or not, finding and keeping a job relies on perseverance; finding a job that interests you, and plays into your strengths as a person, is usually the best way to succeed.

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3 Ways That Organization Can Help You Run Your Home Based Business Successfully

3 Ways That Organization Can Help You Run Your Home Based Business SuccessfullyThe sun shines through your window cheerily, and you contemplate rolling over and getting a few more minutes of sleep. After all, you own your own business, and one of the perks is that you make the rules, right?


While you can make most of the rules, organization isn’t something you can compromise on; at least not if you want to be successful. Getting a few more hours of sleep may seem appealing, but it’s likely to cause a backlog of work for the future. Procrastination is not your friend. However, determination, organization, and resolve are definitely your friends, and you should put them to use as much as possible.

Setting Business Hours

If you own your own home based business, you need to set up regular working hours. Whether those hours are at night, when the rest of the household is in bed, or it’s during the day, during traditional working hours, you should have an allocated time that you work. This will help you to plan your day better, and not fall under the pall of procrastination like so many other business owners do, you need to start thinking about the future of work.

Staying Neat

If you walk into your work area and see files on the floor and papers littering your desk, it’s tough to get motivated about your job. Staying neat and organized is the solution to this problem. By keeping your area neat and easily accessible, you’ll find that your job is a whole lot easier.

Get Into a Routine

Routine is the mortal enemy of procrastination. People are creatures of habit, so it only follows that if you set a routine, you’ll stick to it out of habit. If you need to get motivated in the morning, try going for a light jog, or visiting your local gym before you start your day. Not only will this benefit you health-wise, but it will allow you to get your blood moving, which will certainly get you motivated.

The important thing, no matter how you accomplish the feat, is to set up some sort of routine that works for you and stick to it, so you can run your business, also if you have employees is important you make sure they work too, although for this, you can learn how to monitor computer activity so you can keep track of what your employees are doing.

Organization is a major keystone in any successful, well-run business. Don’t allow procrastination to make a failure out of you.

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7 Major Concerns For People Living With ADD – ADHD

7 Major Concerns For People Living With ADD - ADHD, Frank Coppola, new yorkI have a saying, “The More You Know The More You Grow.” I believe that a person living with ADD’s major issue is not knowing they have ADD. When they are properly diagnosed, there is a tremendous sense of relief – one that produces alternate moods of joy and upset. At this point we need more than just good information; we need a “re-education.”  We literally need to learn how to live in a non-ADD friendly world knowing we have ADD.

So the key to our personal and professional growth is learning how to learn, learning and then putting into action what we’ve learned. This re-education or better still transformation of our point of view about ADD is critical to our success.  This is one of the primary reasons to associate yourself with positive thinking people living with ADD.  By doing so it can increase the quality of your life in so many ways.   I am passionate about people understanding the enormous opportunities and possibilities of ADD. As part of the re-education process, we need to isolate those areas that time after time hinder our success.  I’ve done quite a bit of research and I’ve found that there are, with slight variations, seven challenges consistent for people living with ADD.

I believe this is so for people with or without ADD as well but clearly, its prominence is felt with ADDer’s.  Many of the other ADD challenges fall under these categories as well. They are:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Organization
  3. Time Management
  4. Money
  5. Relationship
  6. Career/Work
  7. Focus

Digging deeper, I’ve found the underlying issue is a lack of self-esteem due to these challenges over one’s entire life. Is this so for you? With re-education and ADD coaching transformation is possible.  The benefits of this transformation are an enormous increase in self-esteem and self-worth.  The result is improved health and well-being.  Not bad right? Would you like more information on succeeding personally and professionally? Contact me. 

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The Wheel of Renewal – Your Unique Journey to Passion and Success

The Wheel of Renewal - Your Unique Journey to Passion and SuccessI often use the analogy of archeology at times while coaching. I’ve created The Wheel of Renewal, which emphasizes the idea of archeology. Imagine you’re in your own Indiana Jones movie called Indiana Jones and The Wheel of Renewal – Journey to Passion. Though the wheel is naturally a circle, the journey is not like “clock work” but rather a flexible process. We start where we are. We may find ourselves at various times at different parts of our lives; reflecting back, learning how to stay present as well as looking towards our future possibilities.

Part of anyone’s growth is to look back to see where they’ve been. Our journey begins by educating ourselves through discovery and exploration. There may be a tendency to blame ourselves for what we could have done or maybe even blaming others. We can learn a new way of seeing the world by ADDing Perspective. I liken this to watching a movie or reading a book. There is no need for judgment because we come to understand that our ADD during those times could have hindered our perception of life. We also come to realize there is power in looking back as everything (ones’ history, culture, and life); everything ever experienced “informs” us. Each event plays a critical part bringing us to where we are right now! Through acceptance, we build a bridge to possibilities in the future.

I emphasize one cannot grow the future while stuck in the past. Simultaneously, once we’ve had a chance to discover and explore, there is a tendency with clients to become energized. It is during this phase, we explore our natural talents. As one develops the talent muscle with practice they invariably become strengths. Have you ever heard someone remark about a girl who can sing on pitch at 5 years old? What do we say? “She has talent. She should really have lessons.” Over time and with practice her singing may become an awesome strength. Focused talents always lead to strengths. Strengths lead to passion. Whether one follows their passion is another story.

We work on these strengths if you are comfortable with them and explore how to use your ADD/ADHD to your competitive advantage. It is not unusual for clients to feel empowered and renewed with a new found purpose to potentially reinvent and/or reconstruct your current life situation/s. Once this is purpose is embraced, passion may arise. Clients take actions according to their vision and goals. At this point, we may find ourselves back to educating ourselves once again. Thus, The Wheel of Renewal may begin again. I look forward to exploring this with you. Contact me anytime.



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The Universal Law of Expansion For ADD Success – Thoughts Have Power

The Universal Law of Expansion For ADD Success - Thoughts Have PowerI’ve isolated 12 Universal Laws for ADD Success. In this article, we are going to explore the Universal Law of Expansion.

If thoughts have power, why would anyone focus on what’s not working and what’s wrong? If you asked a friend what they think they need to have a happy relationship, make more money, overcome procrastination, they know most of the time what’s wrong and how to fix it; more effort, more time, more energy. Haven’t you had the experience of working on the problems hoping to get them fixed so once it’s fixed you can be successful? Where are we really focused – on what’s wrong.

The Universal Law of Expansion states that wherever your attention is focused it will expand. Expand? Here’s another way of saying the same thing. What you pay attention to grows! Our thoughts create our universe thus the universe listens to what you are thinking, saying or acting whether consciously or unconsciously. “Oh, they want more wrong!” OK. Let’s give it to them.” To succeed, we need to focus on what’s right! We need to understand, practice and embrace this essential first universal law to bring about what we desire. When we do surprisingly an abundance of right will show up when you least expect it.

Success is personal and unique to you. Success is whatever you say it is for you.Consider the following:

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths not eliminating our weaknesses.”

Marilyn Van Savant – Billed as the person with the highest IQ (228) ever recorded.

I ask clients what do they think they are good at, what are their strengths. The majority can’t think of any. Over time we discover an abundance of them but we find ourselves immersed in what’s not working.

Success and focus follow what you are good at; your strengths based upon your natural innate talents. We’ll explore this at length in coming articles but for now here is the short hand version for you to consider.

Talents and strengths energize and have the power to increase your sense of well-being. They add to the quality of your life.

Challenges and/or weaknesses drain you. They sap your energy.

How do I find my talents and strengths? Ask what is it that I do that when I am actively involved in it, I am completely absorbed. What is it that comes easily?

Practice the Universal Law of Expansion. Get in the habit of acknowledging those parts of your life that work. It is in the habit of remembering and noting these moments in your life that success and accomplishment will mature and stick.

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An Incredible Time to Have ADD – The Decade of Distraction

An Incredible Time to Have ADD – The Decade of Distraction

An Incredible Time to Have ADD - The Decade of DistractionWe are living in the “Decade of Distraction.” For people living with ADD/ADHD, this is an opportunity to use ADD/ADHD to its fullest advantage. Information is heaped upon us in massive amounts from multiple sources. Technology changes at a rapid pace. 10 years ago, the internet was primarily a governmental and educational resource. Today, it is a global phenomenon. We see it in business. We can send a request for medical data to India sitting in the doctor’s office and receive an evaluation within hours. Wish to develop a website? A friend is working with a website developer in Brazil!

Throughout this as people who lean toward creativity and stimulation, learning in our own special way becomes meaningful. I’ve just begun learning how to build websites using Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks with an incredible web designer/developer and instructor, Richard Wood. Why? I wish to be connected in a way that developing and understanding websites from the inside out is essential to me.

For me and many others with ADD/ADHD, we have the ability to assimilate all this information easier than others, I believe, because of our attraction to stimulation. For many people living with ADD/ADHD, multitasking can be seamless. In these situations, can you see how YOUR ADD/ADHD can be an advantage? It has been noted that in the next 15 years, to succeed, one needs to be able to think like a person living with ADD/ADHD.

Where we may thrive in multiple areas of interests and stimulation, people without ADD/ADHD can experience frustration and confusion. They may experience a cacophony of noise. This is a perfect example of how you might take advantage of ADD/ADHD and WIN with ADD/ADHD.

So I leave you with this thought and challenge. Take note of what makes you different and unique. These differences may be your greatest attribute as the Decade of Distraction is upon us.

Learn to appreciate your specific brain wiring. ADD/ADHD can be a gift that requires development of a new skill set that will enhance your abilities. This is worth paying attention to!

I’m a firm believer, the more awareness we all have about ADD/ADHD the more we grow. You are better today by knowing you have ADD/ADHD. As you read my articles I hope you walk away with a new perspective on Adult ADD/ADHD and perhaps a new perspective on yourself.

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