Hear what some of the ADD Coaching Group clients are saying.

"Using Frank's expert guidance, I took a stalled project from $0 to over $121,465 in sales in less than 12 weeks!"

– Stephanie Frank, Author,
The Accidental Millionaire You're NOT crazy … You're An Entrepreneur!

"Frank Coppola takes his clients from stop to start to centered. His unique, research-based approach to coaching those with ADD simply doesn't change lives – it transforms lives to levels never thought possible! Those who "suffer" from ADD find themselves repeatedly in broken relationships, derailed careers, and in financial situations that are below par. They don't know where to turn or what to do. Most of Frank's clients come to him thinking that they are "broken." After they work with Frank, however, their whole attitude and mood is different. He views his clients' ADD symptoms from a fresh perspective by thoughtfully providing each individual the skills, tools and coaching that leverage their strengths – enthusiasm, creativity and intuition. Frank identifies and articulates what his clients are good at and provides them with practical applications that takes them to lasting, loving relationships, rewarding careers, and financial success."

– Maurice Ghysels, PhD

"It's amazing to me that you were able to coach me long distance. I WAS able to pay attention and grow using the telephone. Thank you for showing me that there's more to life than my business. My wife and I were on the verge of divorce when I contacted you. You coached us together. How can I tell you how much it's meant that you taught us both about ADD and above all how to speak to each other."

– Tomas C., Business owner, Mexico City, Mexico

"I am someone living with ADD. I was officially diagnosed 5 years ago at the age of 38. I have been on medication for my ADD for 5 years now, but it's not enough. So, I made a decision that I had to do something or I could potentially loose my business and my relationships – again. So I made a conscience decision to take the time and energy to find a therapist that specialized in Attention Deficit Disorder. I had tried on numerous occasions before to locate an expert, but with no luck. I couldn't believe that I lived in New York City of all places and I had a better chance of being in the boonies and finding an expert, so my past internet searches showed me. There had to be someone that I could speak to and get some help. Finally, during this World Wide Web search and three or four pages deep into Google, I found a website called the ADD Coaching Group. What's an ADD coach, something like a Life Coach? I thought. The website was deep with content and talked about how you could actually benefit from ADD and that I wasn't alone and it wasn't too late. The website said that I would call Frank Coppola, founder of the ADD Coaching Group to have a preliminary consultation by phone and at no charge. I thought why not let's give it a try and he is actually based in Manhattan. This seemed too good to be true. So I called Frank, left a message and within 30 minutes I received a return phone call. This was one of the best decisions of my entire life. Frank Coppola is now my ADD Coach and in many ways my life saver. He helps me learn, he never tells me what to do, or makes me feel bad or guilty about having ADD. And here is the best part; Frank is living with ADD too. During our coaching sessions, Frank allows me to develop a program which is comfortable for me and meets my needs. I learn what ADD actually is, how it affects the brain. That it is a condition that I was born with and that it is hereditary. I now understand what things in my life may trigger the negative affects of ADD like adrenalin rushes, fear, etc. I learn how to access and use important tools that can help me with my ADD. And most of all I learn that I am not alone and that someone living with ADD is potentially mountain climbing with out a rope or map of where I am going. Until now. My business is getting back on track as I focus on my strengths and not on my weaknesses. I know that it is OK to take a break, since my brain sometimes races so fast and that I multi-task do weeks worth of work in a single day. I have also been involved in an ADD Coaching Group that allows me to meet other people living with this condition. I am truly amazed that there are others out there with the same condition that are experiencing the same challenges, but also are coming to the realization that they are also uniquely and tremendously talented. People living with ADD can do things that now one else can do. This is a fact. It is truly a gift. It didn't hurt when I found out that some amazing icons like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, etc. all lived with ADD. Not bad company at all."

-David Purdy President and Founder, NUMEDX, Inc.

"I must commend you! After seeing you at the Learning Annex, I put your name on my PC and was up half the night with the links from your website."

– Maryann M. copywriter, New York, NY